Friday, June 22, 2007

Draft Day-Open Thread!

1) No huge news to report as of this morning. All 30 GM's are safely ensconced in their Columbus hotels in anticipation of tonight's festivities in nationwide arena for the 1st round of the draft. Its almost a certainty that the anticipation will be more for hearing Mr. Bettman say/pronounce" We have a trade....", than in hearing what picks a particular team has made.
2) Many quality sites have gone through this years list of high school aged kids ready to be the 'next one' so we won't jump on that bandwagon here. This thread is mostly for our readers to discuss the deals and picks as they occur as well as break any news. One particular item today was the anticipated trade of Adrian Aucoin to Calgary. Though its not yet been official, or reported who/what Chicago will get i return. For one, they get 4 million in cap space to go after other fish. Other deals are certainly close to fruition and we will report them as soon as we get wind of them. Things are certainly getting interesting in Ohio's capital city!


Trotz19 said...

An FYI faux, the Isles own web site has their media relations guy Chris Botta confirm what you wrote about Smyth yesterday. That Snow has been asked by a lot of other GM's about his availability, but isn't going to accept a Flyer-Predator type deal


1) A minor deal today(Unless you live in Toronto) They acquired Vesa Toskala and Mark bell in exchange for a couple of high draft picks
2) It gives the Leafs 2 back up goalies(Raycroft/Toskala going into next season. ; )
3) It frees up some cash for the Sharks and gives them additional trade chips going into tonight.


1) Thanks Trotz. Our Isles source usually comes through for us as we all know from our breaking the DiPeitrro signing last year as well as the Zhitnik trade

the dark Ranger said...

No surprises last night, except perhaps Esposito passed over by more than 17 teams. Last year he was a #1 prospect, but one bad season most teams took 'a pass'.

He will blend nicely into Pittsburgh -- a bevy of killer Penguin forwards. Everyone should be nervous.

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