Wednesday, June 13, 2007

Early Free Agent Analysis/Rumors Part III

1) Our continuing comprehensive look at the available UFA's with analysis and rumors: With this installment we will list players who we believe are done as effective NHL-ers and SHOULD retire. Not all will of course. Like prize fighters, many hang on until well past when they're effective, and are shells of their former selves.

2) Perhaps the NHL can institute a trophy for that 'accomplishment? That would be an excellent 'Messier' Award. Fo players who were once very good/great who are now average/below average and hanging on for a pay cheque/nothing better to do.

  • Teppo Numminen- Some may disagree with our choice to put the Finn on our list, but he showed his age in the playoffs. He no longer is a top 4 defenseman.

  • Tony Amonte- 10 goals in 80 games is not what Calgary envisioned when they signed the 38 year old Mass native

  • Jeff Friesen- Jeff unofficially retired 3 years ago, but he doesn't know it yet

  • Peter Bondra- Peter needs to be told that he no longer has it. Great career, but its over!

  • Pierre Turgeon- Sneaky Pete's days as an offensive threat are gone. Time to look back non a great carear as the 'good Turgeon'. (Ed note: It appears this may be announced shortly)

  • Bryan Berard- The 'patch' has too many injury liabilities to continue

  • Eric Lindros- His brain has been rattled way too much. Does he even know he played in Dallas this year?

  • Matthew Barnaby- Like Lindros, has been a bobble head too much to stay in the game.

  • Petr Nedved- Time to read the tea leaves Petr. If you can't make the Flyers, you must suck!

  • Sean Burke- He's no Hasek/Belfour! As old, but no longer effective

  • Janne Niinimaa- The Finn may still get a sucker GM to take a chance, but we believe he's done as an effective NHL-er.

  • Mike Dunham- Once a decent back up, he's no longer reliable and probably won't get any NHL offers

  • Mike Ricci- The Geddy Lee look-alike once was a very good 2 way pesky center, but those days are long gone.

  • Eric Cairns- Was considered slow footed in the old NHL, now he's statuesque, and rarely plays in the minimal fighting allowed NHL.

  • Luke Richardson- See above.


Sauce said...

Mike Milbury was suckered years ago (Is that anything new?) when he bit on Niinimaa in exchange for Raffe Torres and Brad Isbister. Janne has been a sub-NHL defenseman for a long time.

Jibblescribbits said...

Niinima is only 31 years old.. is he really that bad?


1) Jibblescribbits asks: "Niinimaa is only 31 years old.. Is he really that bad?"
2) That's exactly why we believe he will get another GM to bite and offer him a contract. They look at his age, and think, he can't be 'that bad'. teams are so hard up for a quality blueliner right now that they will give a marginal guy like Niinimaa another bite at the NHL
3) To answer your question, Yes! Ask any fan of the last 3 teams for which he's played.


1) Addendum: We left off Jason Allison from that list. A forgotten man who was rumored by Eklund to be going to just about every NHL team at some point from last summer till the trade deadline.
2) If a team doesn't come calling this summer we feel its time for Jason to hang em' up. But at age 32 and having close to a point/game his last go around, a GM might consider giving him a league minimum to come back. The question is would he be willing to play for such a 'paltry' sum?


1) OK guys, please stop with the fake postings here. Its one thing to post opinion, but another to post nonsense like we see above!

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