Friday, June 8, 2007

Two "Small Markets"?

1) Just a brief post this HOT Friday here in Faux-city. We have come across several post Cup articles that described the abysmal TV ratings here in the states. In most, they use one excuse as there being two 'small market' teams in the Finals. That got us at FAUXRUMORS to collectively scratch our heads.

2) Two 'small market' teams? When did the Los Angeles metroplex become a small market? More like a small revenue generating market. Who's fault is that? The man at the helm the past 15+ years, Gary Bettman. He wanted to make the NHL into a national sport from a regional one. Well 15 years later and it has gone from a regional sport to an obscure sport! Nice job Gary when a team from the nation's second largest city is considered a small market! No wonder why he defensively mentioned that hockey in California is 'alive and well' when he came on the ice to hand off the Cup. Gary, like 75% of the US based teams they are alive, but on virtual life support under your 'leadership'!

3) Note that our series of free agent rumor/analysis posts will commence starting this weekend. Don't miss it. We all spent a lot of time/research on this. Using our many contacts to get the scoops on where these many talented players may end up next fall.
As always, keep it here for the latest!


Fire said...

get rid of Bettman already!


1) We are regular visitors/posters to the FireBettman site. We encourage our regular readers who may not have visited the site before to go and have a look.
2) However, although we agree that Gary needs to go, its unlikely to happen any time soon.
3) He has a contract for another 5 years. A majority of owners are very happy with his service. Once he got them the salary cap it basically assured Bettman of a life time job as commish!

lyle said...

The TV ratings were even down a bit in Canada, but were still very high. CBC is probably happy with them.
As for Bettman, I can't see him getting fired either. Is he incompetent? Yes, but its scary to think he's the best commissioner the NHL has ever had.

Jibblescribbits said...

I always wondered about the "small market"tag. Even though I will say it's nice that LA can handle 2 NHL franchises, but refuses to support an NFL team

Shuck-A-Luck said...

Bettman is not the problem. He is simply acting in the manner the owners want him to. Why are there franchises in non-traditional hockey markets? $$. The owners were drawn in with their shares of expansion money.

Why was an NHL team located in Anaheim? It wasn't because the NHL thought it was a good market, it was because Disney stepped up with the bucks!

Why will the NHL governors approve the sale of the Predators even if Balsillie planned to move them to the Southern tip of Antarctica? Because he overpaid for them and drove up the other owners franchise values.

Many blame Bettman for his leadership, I think Bettman needs to be blamed for his lack of leadership. He has simply followed what the owners have wanted.

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