Monday, June 18, 2007

Monday Morning Musings

1) Firstly a Happy (belated) Father's Day to all the Daddys out there. Now on to our observations from the last few days.

  • Malkin a No-Show at the awards- From what we hear he didn't even let anyone know he didn't intend to show up. Since almost everyone knew he was going to win, it would have been appropriate for him to make every effort to be in Toronto, and if it was impossible, to make appropriate calls/arrangements. Seems Mr. Malkin has a lot to learn from his draft day colleague Mr. Ovechkin, who seems happy to embrace his NHL stardom and the responsibilities that come with it!

  • Dave Lewis Fired!- When we heard that this was about to be announced, all we could say was: "What took so long!" We at The FAUXRUMORS group, LLC. have been calling for that to happen since January! We couldn't imagine Dave being retained for another year in Bean Town. He's one of those guys who's a good asst, but can't make the transition to be the head man. Good guy, but not a good head coach. Seems the only folks who didn't heed our coaching advice are the folks in Nashville who need a new face behind the bench.

  • Samsonov Traded- Well, we had heard some rumblings that BG had finally found a taker (sucker) for the enigmatic Russian forward. We couldn't believe that the rumors turned out to be true! We guess that its a no lose situation for both teams. Montreal unloaded salary and a headache. Chicago got a guy with some offensive potential, who has only 1 year left, and didn't have to give up anything for him. He couldn't make the Hawks any worse! Right?

  • John Muckler Fired! This one has more to it than the main stream press is telling us. Yes, Muck is getting a bit long in the tooth at 73, but he just won the Eastern Conference. Further than the team has gone previously. Why now? Of course the signing of Martin Gerber last spring to a prohibitive deal couldn't have helped. May have Bryan Murray lobbied to have a GM job back? After all he was partly responsible for assembling the Cup winning team in Anaheim. More should be forthcoming in the next few weeks.

2) With the draft only days away, we are hearing more and stronger rumors about draft day deals. We will stay on top of the situation and break any news as it arises. As always, keep it here for all the latest!



1) Nice post FAUXRUMORS 2! We have an addendum to post. Seems the rumored replacement for Lewis is none other than former Isles coach/GM- bumbler Mike Milbury.
2) Boston just made a great move by firing Lewis. Why make an equally DUMB move by rehiring Milbury? He had one good year in beantown a thousand years ago. Since then his record speaks for itself
3) If he gets another gig before some other more worthy candidates one must wonder what this guy has that makes him stay employed despite ineptitude that is beyond measure!?!

Sauce said...

Looking at the reports of the contracts Philly gave to Timonen (6 plus per year) and Hartnell (4.2 per year), looks like your estimates of UFA contract signings are way low. Philly looks like the rabbit in this race and the victims will be the teams with some decent cap space but less cash than what's being demanded by (and paid by the wealthier teams) UFAs. Ticket prices are maxxed out and it's just a matter of time before Bettman projects a more realistic "growth rate" in the cap formula. It will be a reluctant admission by him that the financial picture of most teams is not as rosey as he portrayed it to be.


1) That would make sense and is something we've been predicting since the CBA was signed: That another labour stoppage was inevitable.
2) That the owners would stay quiet for about a year then slowly their cries of poverty would escalate until the NHL would again have to shut down to save the game.
3)The next objective? Eliminate guarenteed contracts! Many thought we'd never see a salary cap in the NHL. Its here. Most don't forsee an NFL type contract situation where players only get paid when they play. Its coming folks!

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