Tuesday, June 12, 2007

Its Chilly!

1) Above is a reference article that sent chills through the blogosphere today. Evidently Frank
D'Angelo filed a $2 million lawsuit against hockey blogger, Neate Sager last week in a Newmarket, Ont. court, alleging that Sager damaged D'Angelo's reputation on his blog between August 2006 and January of this year by calling him (among other things) a "huckster" and a "con man".
2) Its a Canadian law suit, but it does kinda have to make one worry about their freedom of speech. From talking with attorneys today its difficult to truly prove 'libel', but just getting dragged into court to defend oneself can be costly. Especially if its just a non for profit blogger such as this site.
3) Now, we aren't at all worried. We as a group have multiple contacts in the legal profession who would probably get excited with the prospect of defending THE FAUXRUMORS GROUP, LLC. over this. However, it is a chilling prospect that some big company/corporation can try to intimidate a little guy on his computer with this frivolous suit, if only because the company president didn't like what was written.


Jibblescribbits said...

YEah it scares me, I don't have the money to fight this kind of suit if someone who i badmouth ever came my way (Eklund, Bettman).

I don't have the time to fight it either, even though i think it would get thrown out.

sager said...

For the record, I never called him a "con man" and the suit does not allege as such.

Shuck-A-Luck said...

Wow, looks like I lost another bet. I thought for sure you would be the first blogger to get sued for libelous remarks against Bettman! I guess there are probably two explanations.

1. Gary Bettman hasn't heard of or read this blog.

2. Bettman has no interest in stirring up anything that might shed light into his lack of leadership in the NHL. Bringing up a suit against a blogger would open things up a bit!

I am guessing it is #1!

And once again I think you overlook the exactly what Bettman has done for the NHL. He has done everything the owners have asked. He got the owners expansion money. Then when the owners felt salaries were rising too much he got them the lockout and salary cap. Bettman is giving the owners the leadership they want-leadership by the owners! Bettman is but a puppet of the NHL owners.


1) Thanks for setting the record strait for our readers Neate.
2) BTW, if you never said those things AND a publication misquoted you causing/inflaming this situation do YOU have grounds for a suit? LOL


1) Hey Shuck: You wrote that the owners got a salary cap because players' "salaries were rising too much."
2) Guess what? The average player's salary in 2003-04 before the Bettman/owners lockout was 1.6 mil. This past season it was 1.4. Its estimated that the next season it will be back to 1.6 and likely higher if the salary cap is set above 50 mil
3) Also the stated goal (from Bettman himself) at the time of the lockout was to make the games more affordable to the average fan. Wanna guess where average ticket prices are now compared to 2004? You guessed it. Adjusting for inflation they are HIGHER now than then.
4) The main reason for league wide income increases (other than expansion fees) have been the booming economy and a much better Canadian dollar exchange rate.
5) If when both of those dynamics change the league is in for HUGE problems. One's that the short sited Bettman/owners are not prepared for. The result in our opinions is that we will definitely see another work stoppage when this CBA runs its course!

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