Wednesday, June 6, 2007

Ducks Cop Cup!

1) Hearty congratulations to the the Anaheim(Very mighty) Ducks for bringing California, and for that matter the Pacific coast, their first Stanley Cup. Up until tonight the furthest west Lord Stanley had traveled was the Mountain time zone. 5 times to Edmonton twice to the Avalanche, and once to Calgary.

2) Hopefully this will finally put to bed the notion that a Western Conference team is hindered from winning a Cup due to increased travel disadvantages. The best team won, as it usually does each year. In fact the argument that the West is a stronger conference can not be denied this year. We feel that both Detroit and San Jose would have been better than Ottawa as well, while we don't believe any other East team would have fared any better than the Senators against the Ducks.

3) Few made the suggestion that the West was at a disadvantage when Alberta won 5 of the 6 available Cups from 1984-1990. We argued the same could not be said now. Especially with the unbalanced schedule, western teams make far fewer long treks back East. As there will never be a resolution to the time zone difference and increased travel for the West we believe this will continue to be debated.

4) The offseason starts tomorrow. Some important dates to keep in mind:

  • June 14th- NHL awards ceremony. Here's hoping its not as lame as in year's past.

  • June 15th- Teams can buy out contracts- Yashin the biggest name already announced

  • June 22nd- NHL Entry Draft. Most exciting non game related time for us at Fauxrumors. We hear that several big deals are in the works to spice up the day!

  • July 1st- Free agency commences. If its like last year it'll open with a bang!

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I can loudly say " See, I told ya so"! The team with the beter goaltending won. Switch Emerry and Giguere and we're still playing hockey. Ray looked so bad last night that it was almost sad. Even shots he stopped he looked behind him to see if he really had the puck.
I would have voted Giguere as the playoffs MVP. Scott was good and steady, but without Giggy the Ducks are not sipping from the Cup right now!


1) Message sent. Message received We concede your statement was correct for the Finals, but does that mean Emery was better than Marty Brodeur and Ryan Miller as well?
2) Goaltending is ultra important, but its NOT everything. Only if all other aspects are equal does it become magnified. In this series the Senators outplayed the Ducks for long stretches, but it was the Ducks who took advantage of their opportunities That is where goaltending comes into play

Jibblescribbits said...

Just a quick not, at the NHL fanhouse they said the Vancouver franchise won the cup in 1925. IT's not Stanley's first trip to the left coast, but the first one to an NHL team on the west coast.

Wanted to make that quick correction. Yes the better team won,which is always nice to see

Sauce said...

That was probably the worst played Cup-winning game I've seen in my lifetime. And it was DEFINATELY the worst performance by any goaltender in a Stanley Cup final series... EVER. That was pathetic.

Giguere was good, but lets face facts... he certainly didn't have to steal any games. And I certainly wouldn't give the Con Smythe to a guy who let up 9 goals considering the number of shots he faced.

Vlad, I'll take your claim a step further... You switch Emery and Giguere and it's the Sens that are sipping from the Cup right now. Emery was the decider. You could change a whole lot of details and performances in this series, but they'd have nothing close to the effect on the outcome that Emery's poor play did.

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