Thursday, June 21, 2007

Giggy stays put, etc.

1) Biggest news of the day is that the Anaheim Ducks have come to terms with impending UFA goalie J.S Giguere. The top back stop of the Cup champs, and the player whom FAUXRUMORS believed deserved the Conn Smythe award signed a 4 year, 24 million deal. As predicted by this blog 2 weeks ago, Giguere stays put! Six million for the only top potential UFA goalie is definitely a home town discount. The Montreal native could have easily received 7+ million had he decided to go on the free market July 1st.
2) Other news of the day is the Florida Panthers have apparently signed impending RFA Nathan Horton to a six year, 24 million dollar deal. Unlike Hartnell, Horton at 22 has already eclipsed the 30 goal plateau, has even more offensive upside, and as such probably a good investment long term.
3) The ramifications of these two deals?

  • For those, who a couple of months ago, were speculating that next years RFA's Sidney Crosby and Alex Ovechkin may sign extensions for about 6 million per will have to reassess that idea. If Horton, who is older than AO and The Kid, can get 4 million, how much should a player who has scored 98 NHL goals in 2 years, or the reigning Ross/Hart trophy winner receive? Even if the two give the proverbial 'home town discount' a salary in the neighborhood of 7-8+ million may be required. Any less and the NHLPA(what there is left of it) and all player agents will be clamouring/be quite unhappy!
  • As for the Giguere deal several repercussions are likely. For one the Wild now are in a great position with respect to trading Manny Fernandez. With their signing of Niklas Backstrom to a 2 year 3.1 mil deal, it made former starter Manny Fernandez, and his 2 years remaining at 4.5 mil expendable. Before the recent deals it wasn't likely that Wild GM Doug Risebrough would find any takers. However with Giguere off the market, and a huge dearth in quality tenders available, its now more likely that the Wild will find a taker for the 9 million left on Manny's deal. Phoenix and theit new GM Don Maloney are one of the likely/possible destination.
  • Also with Gigueres deal, it frees up the Ducks to possibly shop Ilya Bryzgalov and his 1.4 million designated for next season. However Brian Burke may decide to keep Ilya as relatively cheap insurance in case JS goes down with an injury. Or retain him and trade him during the season as a need arises. Clearly Burke is in the drivers seat on that one.

4) Clearly things are still quite in flux and many more signings/deals are soon to come in the next 24 hours. Its an exciting time to be a hockey blogger. We will stay abreast of all the developments as they arise. As always, keep it here for all the latest!


Trotz19 said...

Hey Faux I wonder if folks are still laughing at the Islanders signing Rick DiPietro to that 15 year 4.5 million deal? The guys a true starting goalie and in about 2-3 years at this rate of inflation he will be one of the lowest paid. If he becomes a Vezina candidate he will be a huge bargain. Unless he gets hurt or falls on his face in 10 years time at age 35 he'll be making less than what a back up goalie will probably make then!
Who'll be laughing then?

Dear Lord Stanley said...

But who will be laughing if he totally tanks and starts losing every game he plays? What if he becomes worse than a backup goalie?

Trust me, as an Avs fan, I know that kind of crap can happen...


1) Interesting take on things Trotz. Yes IF Ricky plays like he did last year he is a bargain NOW. BUT he has shown to be somewhat concussion and injury prone.
2) 'Dear Lord Stanley' is probably alluding to Mr. Theodore and his quick fall from Hart Trophy winner to overpaid back up. This is always a gamble teams make when they try to sign a player long term
3) The Isles record in making those deals (Yashin) isn't great, but as they say, Time will tell. If DiPietro plays like a Vezina candidate he is going to allow the Isles a huge amount of cap flexibility. If he falls on his face, they will be stuck with him for another 14 years!!
BTW we at FAUXRUMORS did a post on this last fall:

Trotz19 said...

I remember when you guys wrote that post last year how a lot of people were qiick to jump all over you guys for going against the grain.
I can see the other side like Lord Stanley mentions but think Ricky is the real deal, and unless he gets injured will be a top goalie in the league for some time to come. He's a team leader on and off the ice. Both sides got a good deal when he signed last summer

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