Wednesday, May 2, 2007

Is This The Man For The Award?

1) The NHL yesterday published the Finalists for their awards to be announced at their annual lame ceremony in Toronto in late June. We already postulated who we believed deserved the Hart last month. We also did a brief run through on the other awards: With the released Final List available we thought we'd do a follow up and go through all the awards as we see them.

  • CALDER MEMORIAL TROPHY : Evgeni Malkin, Pittsburgh Penguins; Jordan Staal, Pittsburgh Penguins; Paul Stastny, Colorado Avalanche. Winner: Malkin. Had the most points, will win easily. The surprise is the inclusion of Staal over Kopitar. The ladder had 20 more points. The NHL is in love with everything Pittsburgh this year.

  • FRANK J. SELKE TROPHY Rod Brind'Amour, Carolina Hurricanes; Samuel Pahlsson, Anaheim Ducks; Jay Pandolfo, New Jersey Devils. Tough one to call. Brind'amour would be favourite if his team made the playoffs. He by far had the best offensive year of the three. The other two are on excellent teams. Winner: Pandolfo

  • HART MEMORIAL TROPHY Martin Brodeur, New Jersey Devils; Sidney Crosby, Pittsburgh Penguins; Roberto Luongo, Vancouver Canucks. We discussed this one to death in the alluded to posts. We'll stick with our original sentiment that this year there will be a split vote. Winner Luongo

  • JACK ADAMS AWARD (outstanding coach): Lindy Ruff, Buffalo Sabres; Michel Therrien, Pittsburgh Penguins; Alain Vigneault, Vancouver Canucks. Hard choice. Ruff's inclusion is a head scratcher. he won last year, and this year's team improved only modestly. The other two coached teams that were not expected to win. Winner Vigneault. Got most of his team to win division

  • JAMES NORRIS MEMORIAL TROPHY (outstanding defenseman): Nicklas Lidstrom, Detroit Red Wings; Scott Niedermayer, Anaheim Ducks; Chris Pronger, Anaheim Ducks. Yet another dominating season for the ageless Swede, Winner: Lidstrom.

    LADY BYNG MEMORIAL TROPHY : Pavel Datsyuk, Detroit Red Wings; Joe Sakic, Colorado Avalanche; Martin St. Louis, Tampa Bay Lightning. Winner: Sakic Joe had an outstanding year at his advanced age, this is a slam dunk vote.

  • LESTER B. PEARSON AWARD (most outstanding player as voted by fellow members of the NHLPA): Sidney Crosby, Pittsburgh Penguins; Vincent Lecavalier, Tampa Bay Lightning; Roberto Luongo, Vancouver Canucks. Winner: Crosby In past years the Pearson and Hart are the same winner. Not this year, as we see another 'split' vote.

  • VEZINA TROPHY (outstanding goaltender): Martin Brodeur, New Jersey Devils; Miikka Kiprusoff, Calgary Flames; Henrik Lundqvist, New York Rangers; Roberto Luongo, Vancouver Canucks. Winner Brodeur How did Lundqvist get on here?Usually only 3 are in the finals. His overall numbers aren't up there with the other three. If we soly went with the final 3 months, King Hank would win easily. However Brodeur's record setting season has to be recognized

2) Other awards that didn't require voting:

  • Rocket Richard Trophy ( Highest Goalscorer) Vincent Lecavalier
  • Art Ross Trophy ( League Leading scorer) Sidney Crosby


murph said...

what do you think of Nolan not being nominated for the Jack Adams? i'm not saying he should win it, but not nominating him is a head-scratcher.


1) The Nolan 'overlook' has merit we believe. Especially when you see where most prognosticators pegged where they thought the Isles should finish.
2) Having Ruff on the list, after he won last year,(Lavioloette was more deserving in our opinion) was a curious choice. s we mention the Sabres did NOT improve too much this year, and they were expected to excel
3) The other 2 coaches AND Nolan guided poorer regarded teams to the playoffs. So writing that Nolan was snubbed isn't far fetched.

Sauce said...

Nolan wasn't "overlooked". He's still blacklisted. And the only reason he's even in the league is because Wang bucks league management any chance he gets. Nolan could've won the Cup this year and you still wouldn't see his name on that list.

I scratched my head when I saw Ruff's name on the list this year. It's now bleeding from scratching it so much after watching how he coached the last 2 games against the Rangers. Sit Afinagenov in favor of Paille? Try to win "ugly" with the fastest skating and highest scoring team in the league? Can you say panic?


1) You may be on to something there 'Sauce'. Although Max has pretty much been invisible in the games he did play.
2) A fair amount of blame should go to the coach who's players seem disinterested/out worked, at times bored.
3) The Rangers/Lundqvist deserve credit, but there is NO way this should be a competitive series, and the 'Coach of the year' better start kicking butt or else!!
4) Unlike last year they can not use the injury excuse. They are healthy and pretty soon the dreaded C-word(choke) may be applicable


Hey its about the goalie! Henrik was the diference last night people. Yes, Miller is good but switch them and Buffalo wins the game!

FAUXRUMORS 2 said...

1) Hey there Vlad, (you have one of our favourite blog-names!) Anyway, we disagree with ya with respect to the Miller-Lundqvist swap.
2) So far goaltending has NOT been the deciding factor in that series. The Rangers are outworking the Sabres. Ruff as much as he's been given credit in the past deserves blame here!

Antzmarching said...

Calder - Malkin
Selke - Pahlsson (where is Mike Fisher here?)
Hart - Crosby
Adams - Therrien
Norris - Lidstrom
Lady Bing - Sakic
Vezina - Brodeur
Pearson - Crosby

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