Wednesday, July 4, 2012

Good Riddence!

1) In what has to be regarded as good news to the NHL and its fans, wth regard to asshole  Alax Radulov.  Russian outlets are reporting that Radulov signed a four-year deal with CSKA Moscow of the KHL that will pay him $9.2 million per year.  Note that unlike in North America thats 9.2 million TAX FREE, or the equivlant of  almost 13 million/season to play at home with Russian strumpets and a shorter season that won't be interupted by a labour dispute.  Evidently Radulov could care less about playing against/being the best he can be and instead is looking for the biggest possible pay cheque. 

2) Ofcourse who of us can blame him for taking the money and running? Well, we at Fauxrumors can. Afterall he spurned a contract 4 years ago, didn't live up to his promises and then came over here this past spring in effect to relieve himself of that contract obligation, and then proceded to break curfew with his Belrussain pal.  To recap, the 25-year-old forward re-joined the Nashville Predators in the final weeks of this past  2011-2012 season after spending four years with Ufa Salavat Yulayev of the KHL. Radulov "contributed" three goals and seven points. He also played in eight playoff games scoring once and adding five assists.
AS we alluded to, he was also suspended for one second round playoff game by the Predators along-side teammate Andrei Kostitsyn for a violation of team rules. Radulov was originally drafted by the Predators 15th overall in the first round of the 2004 NHL Entry Draft. After two seasons in Nashville, the Nizhny Tagil, Russia native left the NHL to play in the KHL in 2006, not livin gup to the final year of his entry level deal to make big bucks in his homeland(sound familiar?).

3) As Faux wrote last month in his big-names-on-move-part-2 post he wrote that this move (back to the KHL) was the most likely scenario based upon labour uncertainty, the money he'll get there over what he'd get here, and his past proclivity to leave here once the heat is turned up, so to that end we say good riddence!

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