Friday, July 6, 2012

Prices Sky-Rocketing!

1) The word from sorces around the league seem to be talking to us in a uniform voice: Prices are Sky Rocketing!!  Not only among the few Unrestricted free agents, who are worth anything, but also some RFA AND GM's who have movable assets.  The ladder is no surprise. We have written on a few occasions that Columbus GM Scott Howson, Canucks GM Mike Gillis are asking very high prices for Nash and Luongo respectively. Now even Ducks GM Bob Murray, fresh off the ill feelings when they lost Justin Schultz is asking for the moon for winger Bobby Ryan. Thus the hold up in the anticipated flurry of moves we discussed that dominoes-set-to-tumble yesterday. 

2) We suppose we should have expected that the remaining Free agents wanting more based upon the first signing shouldn't be a shocker. WE are hearing that scum bag agent for Alex Semin is asking for a 3 year 24 million deal with a 5 mil signing bonus paid immediately (Insurance against the season getting cancelled). Gandler's logic: If Parise is set to make 12 mil and he scored 30 goals and 70 or so points how can my client be worth much less than 8 million and his 25-30/60-70 points (or more)?  In fact its quite possible Semin could get his price and interestingly from none other than Scott Howson. Other teams like Detroit and Pittsburgh have offered 2 year deals at a modest 12 mil, but with the chance to win a Cup. Of course its not known if Semin even knows or cares what the Stanley Cup is all about.

3) As for the RFA out there, the big fish is Nashvlle's Shea Weber. Part of him wants to go to a winner and might see the loss of his former defense partner a reason to cut bait and move from a sinking ship in Nashville, or to cash in big time on Nashville's desperation?  Certainly he can point to Ryan's deal and say "Look, he got 98 mil and he hasn't been a Norris runner up, what do I deserve"?  He has a point. Ofcourse he simply could wait, sign a 1 year deal, and test the UFA waters next summer with the unknown of the new CBA?  No one should expect an offer sheet, as the Preds would simply match such a deal (doing  them a favour actually)

4) As for the Nash/Luongo issues, we feel that Nash will either have to increase the number of teams he'll agree to go to, OR Howson has to reduce his asking price. We're told that Howson has actually INCREASED his asking price for Nash, thinking teams would now be more desparate. However he will be disappointed. We are hearing teams are getting a bid fed up with how he's trying to get a bidding war going. Teams like Philly might simply drop out of the process and move to other options. As for Luongo, Gillis is far less handcuffed to make a deal, but he'd prefer to get one done now. Deals during the season seldomly get the same return. He can't expect back too much. As for Ryan Murray CAN get top dollar with upwards of 10 teams making firm offers. We maintain that the Capitals are at the head of that list, and we might hear something before next week on that front.
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