Wednesday, July 4, 2012

Thank You!!

1) This post is to both vociferously Thank our very accurate source who days ago alerted us as to the coming unified contract announcements by BOTH Zac Parise and Ryan Suter.  They even so much gave us the final location of the landing zone for both sought after UFA's.  This allowed us to alert you, our loyal readers, early on in the process of what to look for. We were able to tell you a full 2 days ago that a /complicated-suter-parise-deal  was being finalized.  Like we always write, keep it here for all the latest!!  :)

2) We also wanted to say a Big Thank you to all our readers who sent us along notes of thanks and praise for our accurate reporting.  We ONLY pass along information we feel is credible (unlike some pay sites)  We do this for the love of the game, not for the love of money.  Thank all of you!!

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