Saturday, June 16, 2012

Big Names On The Move: Part 2

In our second part of the Big Names being possibly traded we will go through the player(s) that are/could be made available but this availability has been much less publicly discussed than the players mentioned yesterday:

1) Evgeny Malkin: AS we wrote 2 months ago dilemma-for-pens Pittsburgh may be looking to deal the Russian (likely Hart Trophy winner) With a new Crosby contract days away from being announced, and Jordan Staal due a new deal as well something has to give. Many are suggesting a Staal trade, but our sources tell us that the Pens would like to retain his services. After the upcoming season Malkin will have a 'No Movement Clause' so NOW is the time to deal him if they are inclined to do so. So who is/might be looking to add Geno and what would it take to pry him away:?
  • Anaheim: The Ducks are very high of Malkin and would trade anyone but Getzlaf. Cory Perry is whom the Pens would target and thus would add the scoring winger they'd love to add and also reduce their cap number by 3 million allowing them to add another piece
  • Columbus: Although we didn't mention this in yesterdays Part 1, the Jackets would be ecstatic to add Malkin for Nash. Their salaries are a wash almost and it gives both teams what they desire. A big name in Columbus and a power forward in Steel town.  Although under the radar, this IS being discussed as we speak!

2) Alex Radulov: Although technicly he is a free agent, as a RFA he really is still retained by the Nashville Preditors. Its not a shocker to find out that the Preditors have had it with him and want him gone once and for all. He, like many Russians are cancers  He has oodles of talent, but not the commitment to display it all the time. That and the off-ice antics over the years have made him expendable. The Preds aren't asking a top/big return, but would like a 1st round pick or a top prospect for Radulov. So who's in the mix?
  • Rangers (of course) probably depending upon their chances of landing Semin (who'd they prefer) or if they decide to go after Nash. Raduov would be Plan C.
  • Back to KHL: Most likely scenario. If he plays one more year in Russia he'll return to the NHL as a UFA and possibly a big pay day. Not to mention with the uncertainty of the labour issues it makes sense to play there.
3) Shea Weber:  We're just mentioning him here because (unlike some reports out there) Weber is NOT being offered as trade bait. He is a RFA and the Preds have every intention of retaining him and signing him to a long term deal. Our sources tell us that Poile would match any offer sheet so none are expected.  A person who declined to be named but having knowledge of the situation tells Fauxrumors that a 5-8 year deal is being worked on as we speak.

4) Patrick Marleau: Sharks GM Doug Wilson has long been a Marleau loyalist, but the Sharks, who have several holes and a window of winning that looks like it has closed with this current cast, have to get younger.  In reality they should have thought about this three years ago when they took the “C” and give it to Thornton. The problem is his 2 years at almost 7 million AND a No movement clause. perhaps Patrick will waive it?  We're told he'd be willing to a handful of teams. So who and whom would be interested?
  • Montreal: Patrick can speak French so ofcourse the Habs have interest!  We're told only PK Subban is off the table. Sorry Canadien fans, Doug Wilson won't be asking for Scott Gomez!
  • Winnipeg: Needing to add salary the Jets appear to have interest in the veteran forward. Not sure what/whom they'd ask for in return but the jets aren't deep in assets other than draft picks and Evander Kane is NOT available!

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