Saturday, July 28, 2012

Buy-out Candidates

1) If, as many are surmising/predicting, any new CBA negotiated between the NHLPA and NHL will include, like last go around, a one time buy out without penalty. That is, teams will be able to buy themselves out of contracts without being penalized against the salary cap like they would be normally. To that end we went through the current roster of players and came across several contracts that were clear no-brainers to be bought out and several that SHOULD be but probably won't be.

  • Scott Gomez: Has 2 years left at a cap hit of 7.3, yet is only due 10 million over that time so makes sense to buy him out and save cap space. Its complicated but the savings for the Habs would be 3.8 mil this season, and 2.8 next.  This one is the most likely to actually happen

  • Roberto Luongo: With 10 years remaining (really only 6 of them at a high slary) concievably the Caunucks can take 20 years to pay this off at a hit of 1.5 million IF they don't find a trading parrtner this might be Gillis' last option 

  • Paul Statsney: Like Luongo, his contract exceeds his usefulness and makes a trade difficult. Has 2 years left at 6.6 million. The savings would be 4 million.  The Av's have been trying to peddle him and there are no takers because of the contract.Time to cut bait.

  • Alex Ovechkin: The no longer Great 8 has 9 more years at a 9.5 cap hit. Ouch! It would 'only' cost the Caps 3.2 mil against the cap the next 18 years. OV needs to show he is not already on the down side with a 40 goal 90+ point season.  We doubt the Caps will 'buy him out', but we believe it would ake good sense to do it now before its too late 

  • Rick Dipietro: Baring an injury or forced retirement the Isles have to pay their 'goalie for life' another 9 years at 4.5 million. A lot to pay a back up or a guy frequently on injured reserve!  It would cost the Isles 1.5 mil for the next 18 years, or perhaps they're grooming him to be the next GM? 

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The Co-Pilot said...

If the caps are dumb enough to buy out ovechkin there will be 29 teams lining up to get him

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