Monday, July 23, 2012

Rangers Steal Nash!

1) In a non surprise the NY Rangers acquired the services of Rick Nash today. In return the Rangers sent centres Artem Anisimov, Branden Dubinsky, and young defensemen Tim Erixson and a 2013 1st round pick to Columbus.  This is significantly LESS than what Howson was originally asking for Nash. The reason we say it was a steal is that Sather was able to pry away Nash without giving away Kreider or Del Zotto.  The 1st round pick is likely to be a 20-30th overall pick. Not exactly elite class territory. 

2) Yes, Anisimov and Dubinsky are nice players. Neither are old. Brandon is a character guy, but his durability and scoring have been issues lately.  The unknown will be how Erixson develops. If he becomes a top 4 defender as he was projected when the Flames drafted him 23rd overall 3 years ago then the deal becomes more even.  Some will say that combined 'Dubes' and 'Artie'wil outscore Nash, but its mute. The Rangers did not blow up their existing roster to acquire Nash and have added needed top line scoring that appeared to be the missing piece in their playoff run this past spring.

3) The pressure is now going to be on Mr Nash, who has performed in virtual NHL anonymity through his entire career in Columbus. There will be expectations to produce in NY. Starting with the head coach who doesn't care how much a player makes(Ask Vinny Lecavlier or Mr Gaborik). Between his salary and his past exploits fans in NY are going to expect nothing less than a Cup Finals appearance next spring.  Anything less would be a step backwards and the heat will be placed squarely on #61's broad shoulders. Is he strong enough to withstand the scrutiny and NY style pressure?  Time will tell. However on this date its all about the theft that Glen Sather pulled off.

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