Monday, July 2, 2012

Complicated Suter-Parise Deal Being Worked on/Finalized?

1) The word from a very relable source tells Fauxrumors exclusively today that the Agents for Zac Parise,(Wade Arnott)  and Ryan Suter, (Neil Sheehy)   have been working diligently with their clients to get them both signed to long term deals with the same club. Although our source did not yet know for sure what club was making this pitch/ he was fairly certain that it was a Western Conference team.  We would have to believe that it would either be the Red Wings or Wild. Both have long been rumoured to be at the top of both players' lists of preferred destinations.

2)  From what we can discern at this late hour is that both players decided to see if they can work out a way to play together and win a Cup together understanding that it won't be possible any other time in their respective careers to be get top money and play where and with whom they want.  This would explain why both Parise and Suter are refusing to meet with teams in person.  Preferring instead to have their respective agents work on their contract details also understandin that there is a general money and length that both would get from most of their respective suitors anyway.

3) Our source did not know the exact details of the current offer(s) but we hear both will be years and in excess of 10 both greater than 90 million. The Wild and Red Wings both would be able to handle the salary cap liability that this would entail so no clue there, but we'd be not shocked to hear that both have signed with the Minnesota Wild before tomorrow is over. As always, keep it here for all the latest!

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Holy shit guys, you nailed this one!!!

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