Tuesday, July 10, 2012

Save The Dates!!

1) Usually when we post this annually we're fairly certain of the dates we're posting. However with the Labour uncertainty they are just what is currently published, and as they say, "Subject to Change"

July 20-Aug. 4: Salary Arbitration:   Hearings held.  Teams have 48 hours to accept of walk away from awards

Sept. 15: NHL/NHLPA CBA Expires:  This is SET, but the unknown is where things will be at this time.  If, as we fully expect there is no agreement, we would see yet another Bettman-initiated lock out.  All other dates after this are Subject to alteration depending upon Labour Peace.

Oct. 11: Start of 2012-13 regular season:   The latest we can recall an NHL regular season starting in quite a while. No European games. Anyone wanna guess why?  (See above!)

Nov. 12: Hockey Hall of Fame Induction Night: This will probably take place whether is an active season or not, but even this could be changed

Jan. 1: NHL Winter Classic at Michigan Stadium (Leafs at Red Wings):  We know the NHL would HATE to lose this BIG pay day as well as the national exposure the event will bring.  If the lock out causes the cancellation of this game we predict the season would then be in jeopardy!

Jan. 24-28: All-Star Weekend in Columbus: If this is cancelled due to Labour strife, no one will care other than the BlueJackets and the city of Columbus. All star Games are a waste of time

March 4th: NHL Trade Deadline:  Like all the other dates, this will be fluid depending upon Labour peace and the new CBA

Apr. 13: Last day of 2012-13 regular season: (See above)

June 28-29: 2013 NHL Draft in Newark, New Jersey. Geez, what a place to have ANY kind of a celebratory weekend.  Go one city block from the arena and you best be armed. Certainly the 'local folks' will be!

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