Wednesday, July 18, 2012

Shane Doan...Superstar??

1) WE break from our CBA posts/discussio to more mundane discussion. That is the remaining Free agents. The thin crop of Unrestricted Free Agents (UFA) is showing. We are reading reports that (former?)Phoenix forward Shane Doan may be offered upwards of 30 milion for 4 years. For the mathematically challenged (and you know who you are) thats 7.5 million/year!!!  That's "Super Star money" in my opinion. Especially when we all know that with the new CBA the cap will be heading somewhere south of 60 mil.  Additionally as a 35+ year old, his deal would be binding for the full length. No buy outs/or any other way out other than injury so a team signing Doan would not only be paying top dollar but risking it on a contract they will have for the full term regardless of performance!

2) So lets look at Doan's stats and see if he deserves the money. The former Winnipeg Jets 1st round pick in 1995 has played 16 NHL seasons. His most offensive productive was in 07-08 when  he put up  78 points. He has scored 30+ goals twice. Most recently in 08-09. If we were to average out his most recent 3 seasons in The Desert he would probably be expected to score 20 goals get 35 or so assists for about 55 points(assuming he plays 75+ games) To his credit Doan has not missed large chunks due to injury since his 3rd season in 97-98. he has played 72+ games in 13 consecutive seasons, but can that 'durability' be counted on now that he is over 35 for an additional 4 years?

3) Now, we're not saying that Doan isn't a very nice/good player in his own right, and certainly we would NEVER begrudge any player to get as much money as he can. However, we think that the numbers we are reading are a bit silly for a player on the other side of the hill and not likely to score more than 20 goals.  Yes, yes, we understand the intangibles of leadership, etc that he brings, but is that the going cost of leadership?   Teams making these kinds of offers best be careful when their actual superstars are up for new contracts. If Doan with 20 goals is worth 7.5 mil, how much is my 40 goals worth?

WE will have yet another CBA related post probably by the end of the week.  Sorry folks, that's the top story this summer and will be until the players give in, probably sometime in November.  In the mean time, as always, keep it here for all the latest!


Lyle said...

I agree that 4 years might be too much but I think Doan will get the money you're reporting here. Too many teams want him. In time I think he stays put

shuck-a-luck said...

Your wrong! Doan isn't gonna get near that kinda money and hes gonna stay where he is now.
You always exagerate


I still think we're gonna get him Holland got shut out of the Parise and Suter sweepstakes and Howson didn't want to give us Nash so I think we get Doan. I'm not worried about the money. He's pretty durable and 50 or so points is pretty good


Lyle: You may be right, he stays. If he wanted to go he'd be gone already, but he won't wait forever on the Phoenix issue getting resolved
Shuck(Nutz): Not sure where we "exaggerated". The numbers I wrote about have been published elsewhere
Vlad: IF he goes anywhere I think your team(Detroit) is at the top of Doan's list

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