Saturday, July 21, 2012

Examine Their Heads!!

1) That was our first reaction to the published report out of Russia that stated that former Senator/Islander Alexei Yashin has a "firm offer from an NHL team".  Now, we take anything written in Russia with a HUGE grain of salt, as they are known to just plane, make shit up, and we have heard similar rumblings the last couple of seasons but since this time Yashin is not signed with a KHL team there may be some teeth/veracity to this rumour.

2) Let me say firstly that if ANYONE were to sign 38 year old Alexie yashin to a contract of ANY length we would advocate that the person be subject to immediate urine/blood tests as well as a mandatory brain scan to determine if they are on hallucinogenic drugs or suffered from brain damage/mental illness. Its simply insane to even think about adding him. It was dumb when the Isles added him at the prime of his career but after he had quit on his original team, the Ottawa Senators.  It was compounded by the insanely dumb trade made by idiot Mike Milbury. (Yashin and Bill Muckalt for Spezza and Chara.)

3) As we stated earlier this rumour has been out there each summer for the past few years. In fact last summer it was reported that Yashin was seen working out on Long Island. That in of itself means nothing. He's stil friends with Isle's owner Charlie Wang, and is married-? to Long Island's Carol Alt so being there is not exactly a smoking gun. Additionally his KHL stats have been steadily declining. From overa point a game back in 09-10, to under half a point per game last season.  In other words its not like he's been lighting up the KHL like Jagr was doing before his return.  Another reason this move would be NUTS!


Mad Monk said...

my friend you know litle of our culture here comrad alexei is free to come and go as he pleases and not be bothered by you the picure you use of him is disgrace to

dlyjoe5726 said...

Who the fuck give a shit what that piece of shit and his whore wife does? He's was a total pile of shit when he played here. who in the fuck would want this piece of shit back.


1) All I can say in reposnes to both of these retorts is Wow and LOL!!
2) Mad Monk/Dljoe: Where ya been guys!?! I've missed you both. Your "contributions" never fail to amaze and crack me up!! LOL!

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