Wednesday, July 11, 2012

Nash Getting Last Laugh?

1) Published reports out of Columbus have stated that disgruntled Blue Jackets power forward has reduced instead of increased the number of teams he'd accept a trade to.  Thereby making it even more difficult for GMN Scott Howson to peddle him and get back what he feels is a fair return for the highly paid super star.  It was assumed that Nash would possible increase the teams he'd accept a trade to and make it easier for his trade to be consummated. Our sources, who have been dead-on accurate thus far, tell us that the reports are in fact true. Nash has given Howson 5, possibly 6 teams who'd he be fine going to.  Previously we've been led to believe the number was closer to 10.

2) So why the change, and why would Nash seem to be making it more difficult?  Simple, he HATES Howson!  No where else will you find this (yet), but we at Fauxrumors have been WAY out in front of this issue from day 1. From being the first outlet to alert our readers that Nash was on the block,  blue-jackets-looking-to-make-big-move.  to being the only one who knows the real reasons for the current animosity between the (former?) captain and the team GM. Where we outlined back in February the bad-blood that was clearly evident in the Ohio capital.  Initially back last fall when the team initially approached Nash his list of teams was actually about 25 as he was all over getting the hell out of the Blue Jackets' sinking ship. Then when the team threw him under the bus by inaccurately stating it was Nash that initiated the trade talks.  Nash instantly limited the number of teams he'd consent to a trade down to 10.  He felt he'd be more likely traded to a Cup contender down the stretch.

3) When that failed to materialize, and it looked like Nash would have to wait until the summer to be dealt he informed his agent to further reduce the number to 5-6 severely handcuffing Howson.  Additionally we're told by that same excellent source that Nash would be fine staying in Columbus. WHY? He now feels the team is far more likely to compete next year AND, this is very important, Nash would plan a training camp news conference and tell the fans the whole truth and totally undermine Howson and management for implicatingg him in asking for a trade. So as you can see Nash will win this either way. Additionally no matter where he goes (or stays) he still will get his 7.8 million for the next 6 years. Yes indeed its good to be Rick Nash, and he will get the last laugh!

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