Monday, October 13, 2008

Pre Season Playoff Winner Predictions- East

1) Thanks to FR2 for writing this year's 'Preseason Predictions' Posts. Very well done guys! Next we will make our annual playoff/Cup Winner predictions. We will use FR2's order of finish to predict for both conferences the playoff matches and our predicted results. Yes, we know its no more than a blind folded dart throw, but its the preseason and almost everyone else does it, so why not?

2) First The East: First Round

  • Washington-VS-Boston: For teams that only play 4 times a year these two don't have any fondness for each other. This will be a very physical series, and not a blow out by any means even for a 1-8 series, as the teams are separated by a mere 12 points. In the end the extra fire power of the Capitals advances them into the second round. Caps in 6

  • Montreal-VS-Tampa Bay: Should make for a very entertaining wide open, high tempo series with plenty of scoring, but in the end the superior defense and goaltending of the Habs will prevail over the TB Mullets. Habs in 5

  • Philadelphia-VS-Carolina: Sorry Canes fans, after a bit of a rebounding regular season propelling them back into the post season, the Canes will be beat up and ripe for the taking especially by a team like the Flyers who are built for the playoffs. Flyers in 4.

  • Pittsburgh-VS-NY Rangers: A rematch from last year's 2nd round match which was won by the Steel town denizens in 5 games. We see a different turn of events this time with an on coming Ranger team that struggled early in the season peaking at the right time and vanquishing the mighty Pens. Rangers in 6.

3) Second Round:

  • Washington-VS-Rangers: New Territory to most Caps, while old hat making it this far for many Rangers. It proves to be a classic long series decided by several extra stanzas. This time the Caps aren't intimidated by the playoff atmosphere and win a very tough, long series. Caps in 7

  • Montreal-VS-Philadelphia: A rematch of last year's second round. This time the Flyers are the ones who are favoured, and they don't disappoint as they dismantle and intimidate the Habs much like last year. Flyers in 5

4) Conference Finals:

  • Washington-VS-Philadelphia: The rematch that many in the nations' capital was hoping for. last season's OT 7 game epic left many on the Caps with a bad taste and hungry to get back to redeem themselves. For the Flyers part they feel they are destined to win it all this year. It turns out to be as exciting if not more than last year, only more is on the line; a trip to the Finals. Again, OT will help decide more than 1 game and possibly the series once again. This time with the opposite result. Caps in 7

Be sure to look for our Pre Season Playoff Winner Predictions-West, which will also include a bonus of our pick to win the 'silver chalice', due out Friday! As always, keep it here for all the latest!


La Grenouille said...

Ours is not the same team we lost with last time. I think we are stronger in lot of ways you do not think. habs will be strong in regular year and playoff. maybe not win the cup but we can go to final

T. Lloyd said...

I'll take my team against anyone in the east right now. I hope everyone overlooks us. The Bruins are going to sneak up on you guys!

chompsey said...

Every year you people here think that the deviuls have no chance. I guess you don't think we can even make the playoffs? Marty is the best goalie in the league. WE have a chance to win every night. Like the loyd guy i think we are going to sneak up on people this year. Being the underdog is fine

Antzmarching said...

Montreal v. Tampa Bay
Winner: Montreal in 6

Washington v. New Jersey
Winner: Caps in 5

Rangers v. Philadelphia
Winner: Rangers in 6

Pittsburgh v. Boston
Winner: Pittsburgh in 5

Montreal v. Pittsburgh
Winner: Pittsburgh in 7

Washington v. Rangers
Winner: Rangers in 7

Rangers v. Pittsburgh
Winner: Rangers in 7

Antzmarching said...

Hey Chompsey, Antz ALWAYS has the Devs making the playoffs... They simply don't have the horses to go very far... Marty is the ONLY reason they get there to begin with, but after 90 games played, he typically breaks down...

chompsey said...

Antz, thanks for seeing that the Devs are good enough to make the playoffs. I think they can win the division. If we play washingtom we will win. marty never losses to them. He's in Ovechkins head!


1)Granule: We like your team, but until they can prove to us they (especially your goalie) can be a tough playoff team we can't pick them
2) Lloyd: The B's will be just fine if they stay healthy. The east is wide open. Anyone of 6-7 teams can legitimately win the conference if they put together a full injury free season
3)Chompsey: We never said the devils would be in a lottery position. They should be in it till the end, but feel other teams will leap frog them this time around.
4) Antz: You've made some ranger fans happy there. With this fast start many might start to jump on that bandwagon.
5) Addendum: Everyone at FAUXRUMORS wants to send out our heartfelt condolences to the Cherepanov family after the Ranger prospect suddenly passed out and died yesterday.

dlyjoe5726 said...

Fucking caps are gonna kick the euro trash fuck wings to win the fucking cup. then i'm gonna throw a fucking beer on that asshole commissioner dick head.


1) You never cease to amaze us Djoe.

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