Friday, October 17, 2008

So Who's Next?

1) Geez, after yesterday's surprising firing of Chicago BlackHawks coach Dennis Savard after a mere 4 games(2 losses-both on the road) we figured we should revisit who might now also be at risk. Usually teams will allow their coach at least a month or two before deciding he isn't the right fit for their team. However perhaps the hawks will be trend setters here and we might see a few more dismissals before October is over? Here are the guys who would appear to be most at risk if The Chicago Formula" is employed:

  • John Stevens- The Flyers are winless after 4 games with only a loser point in the standings so far. Expectations are always high in Philly. Will Holmgren/Snyder be patient?

  • Barry Melrose- So far the mullet is with out a win in 4 tries. Losing in OT at home to the Islanders is not going to enamor him with management. They gave him a top heavy team, so should he be blamed? Probably not, but he will be if they continue to fail

  • Tony Granato- Tony's second stint in Colorado. Until beating winless Philly last night the Av's were also without a win in 3 tries. If last night isn't a trend how long will the second coming of Granato last?

  • Dave Tippett- We thought he was on the hot seat last year, but ownership fired the GM instead. Many including us see them as a Cup contender. They got blown out by lowly St Louis last night and have only 1 win in 4 games. Is it time to make a move in Big D?

  • Randy Carlyle: The 2007 Cup winning coach is 0-4 and have looked awful. Will GM Burke allow his team to fall further back? Has the team tuned out Randy and a new voice needed?

  • Mike Keenan: His team is 1-1-1, but he's always seemingly on the brink so we had to include him on the list. ; )

2) Do we believe any of these guys will be fired in the next week or so? Probably not, but the Savard firing does hi-lite the tenuousness that these guys have to their positions. No head coach can say their job is ever safe. Its win or get fired. Sometimes you're given a chance to work things out, sometimes you're out after 4 games and 2 losses.

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