Saturday, October 11, 2008

Back By Popular Demand!

1) Yes, our E-mail box has been overwhelmingly in favour of us restarting our semi-weekly predictions of NHL games. It was a hugely successful/fun enterprise last season (until it got a bit old toward March). To keep it more fresh this time around we will only do it once weekly. Since Saturday seems to be the night when most games occur we will do our weekly Predictions Post before the drop of the puck on each Saturday.

2) Also like last season we will simply pick the winner regardless of favourites, etc. Additionally we will maintain a running tally and will endeavour to stay above the Mendoza line(.500) like we were able to all last season. We will try to have Antz give his 2 cent(picks) as well and see which do best throughout the season. We welcome our regular readers to do the same if you choose. It sounds easy, but on any given evening its a tough thing to pick an individual winner in the NHL these days. Of course we will also continue our "Lock of the Week" pick. We aced that most of last year, over a .650 winning %

3) To that end here are our picks for this evening Saturday October 11th (Home teams listed second):

St Louis -vs Islanders: Islanders

Chicago -VS-Washington Capitals

New Jersey -VS-Pittsburgh Penguins

Dallas -VS-Nashville Stars

Columbus -VS-Phoenix Coyotes

Los Angeles -VS-San Jose Shark (Our Lock of the Week!)

Detroit -VS-Ottawa Senators

Montreal -VS-Toronto Habitants

Atlanta -VS-Florida Panther

Carolina -VS-Tampa Bay Lightning

Boston -VS-Minnesota Bruins

Vancouver -VS-Calgary Flame


Anna said...

hey you guys you are so dorky!!!! Anyway i can't wait till the game on Monday..

Your Daughter!!!!

murph said...

Woahhhhh Isles! Nice pick. St Louis is really bad, how come the Isles get picked on twice as bad as they do?

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