Thursday, October 16, 2008

What The Fu$k??

1) That was our first reaction to the firing of Dennis savard today. The team has announced former Avalanche and Blues coach Joel Quenneville will take over behind the bench.
The Blackhawks made the move to let their coach of three years go, after the club got off to a "slow" 1-2-1 start. Holy shit bat man, talk about knee-jerk OVER reaction! Or is it a knee jerk reaction? As an aside, we wonder how Quenville's replacement in Colorado (Granato) is feeling this afternoon sporting a 0-3 record?? ; )

2) In 147 games as Blackhawks coach, Savard posted a 65-66-16 record, mostly with an undermanned team. Perhaps the writing was on the wall when they hired Quenville? You don't hire a guy with the caliber of Quenville to be a "pro scout". Ownership was apparently itching to make this change when Queneville was hired. It was evidently completely calculated. Chicago, shows a lack of class in our opinion. In our opinion this is a slap in the face. Quenville is a quality coach, no doubt, but Savard was not given enough time with this very young team who just last year showed great improvement under his tutelage last season.
3) We're sure some Colorado fans might disagree with our opinion of coach Q, but regardless we feel this was an ill timed move. If management believed that Dennis wasn't the guy to coach, then he should have been let go over the summer. Don't fire him after 2 road losses to start the season? Forked tongue Tallon? Here Tallon specifically says that Savard would NOT replaced by Quenville even if the team got off to a bad start!


JP said...

I'm not shocked at anything this team does here. He might not be his father, but our owner is still a Wirtz! Especially in Chicago the ACORN doesn't fall far from the trees

CHAD said...

Yo JP that crap you spewed there best not be some jive attacking my homies at acorn. Lets keep the political outta this place, here?
I'm mad they got rid a savard. he was a good one to me. The players they liked him and they did good for him last year. This new guy now has the pressure to do good.

JP said...

Hey Chad your threats don't intimidate me there 'brother'! I wasn't tryi gto make this into a political issue. i was being whimsical, if you know what that means. But since you brought it up I think your 'hommies' at Acorn should be in prison.
Nw can we get back to hockey? We have our team in common right? You are a Hawks fan like me? Pissed that we have had a shit owner for as lng as I've been alive. I was hoping the new kid in the owners chair would mean a real change, not more of the same.


1) Calm down fellas. yes, lets keep the politics out of the discussion.
2) JP: We can understand your frustration. Just when it looked like your team was about to get back to respectability this bizarre move happens. We hope for the sake of Chicago fans that the team doesn't implode

FAUXRUMORS 2 said...

1) Hey there guys: From what have been told Tallon isn't the one pulling the strings in Chicago these days. We were told its akin to what happened to Jay Feaster over the summer. he's GM in name only and don' be surprised to see Tallon resign by years end!


1) Thanks for the interesting info FR2! That certainly makes this situation more understandable

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