Wednesday, October 15, 2008

Preseason Playoff Predictions-West And Cup Pick

1) As promised the second half of our preseason playoff picks. Like the East we will use FR2's regular season placements to get matchups. This time we will take it to the next logical step; Making our preseason Cup pick.

2) The First Round:

  • Detroit-VS-Phoenix: This series will be very similar to Detroit's first round series against the Nashville last year. No one expected the Preds to put up much of a fight, yet they pushed the Wings to 6 games before succumbing. We can see the Yotes doing much the same, but in the end the much more powerful/experienced Wings will prevail. Wings in 6

  • Anaheim-VS-Chicago: Interesting series matching the veteran former Cup champs, and the youth laden upstarts from the Windy City. The Hawks won't be pushed out easily, but the Ducks' veteran presence will beat Chicago's youthful enthusiasm. Maybe next year Chicago! Ducks in 5

  • Edmonton-VS-Calgary: An epic battle for Albertan dominance/bragging rights. Despite the Oilers 3rd seed position both teams are very closely matched. It will be a very spirited, exciting series for the fans, but in the end we see the Flames' better goaltending as being the difference. Flames in 6

  • San Jose-VS-Dallas: A rematch of last year's second round match up. Last year many saw the Stars win over the highly touted Sharks as a bit of an upset. Not so this time around. The Stars will be right on the heels of the Sharks and Ducks all season. In the playoffs we expect that we will see a re-run of last year, with the Sharks (again) failing in the post season. Stars in 5

3) The Second round:

  • Detroit-VS-Calgary: The bad blood that has existed with these teams when they meet in the playoffs won't be a factor this time as the Flames having just finished an emotionally/physically exhausting series against Edmonton simply don't have enough left in the tank to put up much of a fight against the now revving on all cylinder Detroit squad. Red Wings in 5

  • Anaheim-VS-Dallas: Clearly the better of the two match ups of the western 2nd round. The Ducks hoping to avenge last years unexpected 6 game loss to the Stars. Many probably had the Ducks as their Cup favourites this season. Unfortunately, the Dallas Stars have a differing opinion, and shut down the Anaheim offense, and get timely scoring to defeat the 2007 champs. Stars in 6

4) Western Conference Finals.

  • Detroit-VS-Dallas: Two of the more successful franchises of the late 90's/early 21st century, renew their rivalry in the Finals of the conference. Many see this as the Cup finals as either team will be favoured to win it all. Both teams are equally matched up front. Detroit having an edge on defense, and the Stars in net(despite the Osgood Cup wins). Ultimately it comes down to the Stars just being a tad hungrier than the champion Red Wings. It won't be easy, but a new champ will be crowned this season. Stars in 7

5) Stanley Cup Finals:

  • Dallas-VS-Washington: Certainly these were not the teams almost any other prognosticator had in their Finals prediction articles this summer/fall. Perhaps one or the other, but not both. Probably fewer have Dallas picked than DC. The East is wide open, while the conventional choices in the West are Detroit, SJ or the Ducks. The Caps are many writers 'dark horse, or out right favourite. Anyway, much to the dismay of Capital fans this Finals series will be similar to their last trip here against the Red Wings in 1998. None of the games will be blow outs, but the Stars have too many players in their primes/have been through the wars of winning a Cup before, and they dominate their younger Eastern Conference rivals to win their first Cup in 10 years. Stars in 4


Antzmarching said...

Detroit v. Minnesota
Winner: Detroit in 5

Dallas v. Edmonton
Winner: Dallas in 5

Calgary v. Chicago
Winner: Chicago in 7

San Jose v. Anaheim
Winner: San Jose in 7

Detroit v. Chicago
Winner: Detroit in 5

Dallas v. San Jose
Winner: Dallas in 6

Detroit v. Dallas
Winner: Detroit in 7


Detroit v. NY Rangers
Winner: NY Rangers in 7

Jibblescribbits said...

Chicago: the most overrated team in the league.

DMG said...

Go Caps!


1) Antz: You made some ranger fans happy with your picks for sure. As we wrote the east is wide open so any of 4-5 teams going to the Finals would be no big shock
2) Jibble: Time will tell. They could turn out to be a bust, but even a modest 4 point improvement from last season would place them into the playoffs
3)DMG: We figured we'd make a few folks from the nation's capital happy with that Cup Final. LOL

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