Friday, October 24, 2008

"No-separation" clause ??

1) We thought we had heard just about everything when it comes to hockey and contracts. However it seems we are soon to hear a brand new contract provision when the inevitable Henrik/Daniel Sedin contract extension is signed. Our sources in BC tell FAUXRUMORS that the two will ask, no demand that the Canucks include a clause which would indicate that if the two are traded, they must be packaged together.

2) We can not recall a time when two players were ever treated as one before. Brian Burke pulled off a draft day coup in 1999 that set this series of bizarre moves into motion. Back then Vancouver had the 3rd overall pick, but using other assets Burke attained the 2nd pick as well, and used them to pick up the swedish-twins. Since that time both have signed identical contracts, and have played on the same line for their entire careers. WE have in the past pondered what would happen if/when one of the twins became significantly better than the other? They were briefly separated last winter So far all contracts have been identical (like they are) If they were forced to be separated, would they die? Thankfully for them both have generally played at the same/similar level, so the decision to retain both at or about the same salary shouldn't be an issue.

3) Our issue though is this; is it good business sense to tie your team to these guys? If you're Mike Gillis you have to ask yourself are these guys 'corner stone' players? In the salary cap world its hard enough to have 1 player making big bucks, but if you have two you're gonna have to cut back in other areas to compensate. With 'captain Roberto already making big bucks can Vancouver have two more players making 7+ million and still compete? Especially if not one but BOTH have to be considered one. That's 14+ million in salary that's potentially unmovable! Sorry, these guys in our opinion are not worth it, but much like the dilemma that Minnesota has with regards to Gaborik, the Canucks/Gillis have little option here. So for better or worse the Canucks are married to their identical Twins.


DexTer said...

I see your point faux but I think the Canucks will sign both twins to less than 14 million. I also don't think our lack of winning is their fault.

Antzmarching said...

Hey Faux - my pix for Saturday:

New Jersey at Phila. - FLYERS
Atlanta at Boston - BRUINS
Anaheim at Montreal - HABS
Carolina at NY Isles. -CANES
Pittsburgh at NY Rangers - PENS
Ottawa at Toronto - SENS
San Jose at Tampa Bay - SHARKS
Washington at Dallas - STARS
LA at Nashville - KINGS
Columbus at Minnesota - WILD
Detroit at Chicago - HAWKS
Florida at St. Louis - BLUES
Buffalo at Colorado - AVS
Edmonton at Vancouver - CANUCKS
Calgary at Phoenix - COYOTES


Our picks will be out tomorrow morning. Thanks for participating.

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