Tuesday, October 7, 2008

Rumors and Such....

1) Firstly we want to start out with a Thank you to Corey Johnson over at http://www.hockeyleaks.com/ (BTW they are now on our 'recommended' list). Last week FAUXRUMORS did a Google search of our name and discovered our blog hacker was back at it. We went on the hockey leaks blog and pleaded our case/showed proof that we were thre real FR. Johnson wrote to us asking about that blogger who was using our name (Fauxrumors2) and making stupid/leud/profane comments (along with legit hockey discussion as cover). To Corey's credit he quickly saw through the ruse and the impostor was quickly known to all. Great job, and we would highly recommend that blog for good discussion about the sport we all love.

2) Secondly there are some rumours out there we wanted to share with our readers.

  • After this weekends debacle for the Lightning we are hearing that Lightning GM (unofficial) Brian Lawton is looking to add on his backline. Things got so desperate this weekend that Melrose had to play journeymen Jamie Heward 20 minutes/game. At this rate Smith and Kolzig will go on strike for lack of support. The name we keep hearing is Brian Berard, who had a respectable season on Long Island. Brian may help, but is NOT the answer! Additionally Lukas Krajicek will not quell further trade rumours about the Lightning need for added depth on their backline!

  • We asked around and all but one of our sources tell us to NOT believe the Bruins/Savard trade rumours. As one asst GM told us, "The B's would be crazy to trade him, and he wouldn't be easy to deal anyway". Of course no one is 100% safe, but we would be surprised to see Savard traded any time soon.

  • We're told the Rangers may make a tweak or two this week? Perhaps does that mean Shanahan will be added? Our source tell us that 'Brendan will be playing somewhere for sure before Columbus Day'

  • Speaking of improbable trades, we're told that the Hawks have recieved several "serious inquiries" concerning their expensive back up Nikolai Khabibulin. " It could happen "within weeks if not days". This is one where we say, we'll believe it when we see it! A move to Russia is more likely than a trade in our opinion.

  • We're told that the Maple Leafs are not done making moves after they waived problem child Mark Bell. They could waive everyone and it wouldn't help.

  • Atlanta Thrashers may be forced to deal goalie stud prospect Ondrej Pavelec who has refused to report to the team's AHL affiliate, stating the team didn't give him a real shot to make the squad. Hey Ondrej, you should thank them! The Thrashers probably don't want to, but we're told they wouldn't have trouble finding a taker. Hey Waddell, you screwed up, again!

  • We asked around about the Marian Gaborik situation. We're told the Wild intend to throw him their latest offer which will be in the neighborhood of a 6 year 50 million deal. The team doesn't want to throw an Ovechkin/DiPietro/Carter type contract (>6 years). They feel if he won't budge off that request they will entertain offers BUT we're told NOT to expect a deal of that sort until MUCH later in the season in hopes that Marion would reconsider.

  • Finally in the "biggest LOL" category are the persistent Michael Nylander trade rumours. An agent (not Michael's) said that Nylander would be "tough to peddle" BUT some seem forget he has a No Trade Clause! He signed in DC for a reason. He has like 12 kids,(yes, an exaggeration) mostly in school so he's not going to allow a trade now when he has that kind of security. " It simply is NOT going to happen" he said.

3) The deadline for teams to get down to a 23-man roster is tomorrow afternoon, so we have been told to expect some significant wheeling and dealing over the next 24 hours.

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