Friday, October 31, 2008

NHL Disparaging Nick Names?

1) Its been a long time since we last attempted this. Thought it fun to make a list of the disparaging nick names each team's rival fans place on the name of the team they hate most. Here is our latest, more complete list of names that we have heard/read. Feel free to add your own. By the Way: HAPPY HALLOWEEN!

Anaheim: Dicks, F*cks, Sucks, Estevez's, Yucks, Dykes, Quacks, Dorks

Atlanta: Trashers, Flashers

Boston: Ruins, Poops, Boo Bears, booings

Buffalo: Sluggalow, Suckers, Barffalo, Buffaslug

Calgary: Flamers, Lames, Shames, Phlegms, Calgay

Carolina: Candycanes, Suckaneggs

Chicago: Blackcocks, Sh*tcago, shithawks

Colorado: Divealanche, Crapalanche, Avsholes, havenochance

Columbus: BJ's, Blowjobs, Jack-it-offs, Straight Jackets

Dallas: Arse, Falling Stars, Dull-ass

Detroit: (Destroyed) Dead Things, Dread Wings, Dead Wings, Chicken Wings, Red Wanks

Edmonton: Greasers, Coilers, Losers, Loliers

Florida: Panties, Pussies, Pansies, panters

Los Angeles: Queens, Things

Minnesota: Mild, Tame, Minnescrotum

Montreal: Habnots, Crabs, Scabs

Nashville: Sexual Predators, Deadertors, Prey, Trashville, Pretenders

New Jersey: Dumbells, Evils, Swamp Things

NY Islanders: Crylanders, Fish Sticks, ICElanders

NY Rangers: Ranjerks, Strangers, Rag$, Blue Skirts

Ottawa: Senaturds, Sendanards, Senatards

Philadelphia: Criers, Liars, Filthydelphia

Phoenix: Cryotes

Pittsburgh: Pissburg,Gwins, shittsburgh

San Jose: Guppies(?), Sharts, Farts

St. Louis: Blahs, Boos, Lose

Tampa Bay: Tampon Bay, Frightening

Toronto: Make Beliefs, Make Me Laughs, Loafs, Laughs, Staple Thiefs, Queefs, Maple Leaves, Maple Sneeze, Maple Sleaze, The Toronto Tampons: Only good for 1 period and no second string, Queef Nation

Vancouver: Cannots, Cansucks, Casucks, Cookesucks

Washington: Crapitals, Craps(Sparc) Cockitals


Antzmarching said...

How about the New York Worst Team in the League-anders... Or, the NY SUCKLanders... 15th in the East this year!!! Ok, Antz' Saturday night pix:

Edmonton v. Carolina
Dallas v. Boston
Washington v. Buffalo
WINNER: Sabres
Atlanta v. NJ
WINNER: Devils
Montreal v. Islanders
Rangers v. Toronto
Chicago v. Columbus
Ottawa v. Tampa Bay
WINNER: Lightning
Florida v. Nashville
WINNER: Predators
Pittsburgh v. St. Louis
Calgary v. Los Angeles
WINNER: Flames
Minnesota v. Phoenix
WINNER: Coyotes

Antzmarching said...

The Toronto Grammatically Incorrecters

czechmate said...

There is also "Shitcocks" for the Chicago team... But that's just downright rude!

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