Thursday, October 2, 2008

Captain Roberto?

1) In what many are calling a publicity stunt or just plane silly the Vancouver Canucks finally named their captain. While many assumed it would be either Mattias Ohlund or Willie Mitchell the Canucks stunned almost everyone in the hockey world with their naming goalie Roberto Luongo as "team captain".

2) Many are correctly pointing to an actual NHL provision(specifically NHL Rule 14-D, which reads: No playing Coach or playing Manager or goalkeeper shall be permitted to act as Captain or Alternate Captain. So how will the Canucks get around this? Simple. While Roberto will be the 'captain' Willie Mitchell " according to team sources will "act as captain." So are you as confused as we are? Will the NHL allow Luongo to wear the "C", and have Mitchel, Ohlund and Ryan Johnson have an "A"? If Luongo isn't permitted to wear a C, why even make the official announcement in the first place?. Whats the reason for a pronouncement that effectively doesn't change a thing? As we wrote over the summer we felt that captains-over-rated

3) A we opined then never has an honor/assignment been so over rated! Giving a player "The C" doesn't make him a leader and a leader doesn't need "The C" to be one. Its an absolutely overblown/over rated title. The term Captain or 'Alternate' is only important in terms of communicating with the officials during a game. Teams each have different/altering uses of their 'captain'. Some act as a go between the team and the coach, some are the actual team leader, but we suggest they would be viewed as such with or without the title anyway.

4) So IF Luongo IS the leader of the canucks, then naming him captain isn't going to change that, and if he really is not the team leader assigning him this meaningless title won't make him one. Its just an inane exercise. So which teams will follow the Canucks lead? Certainly Luongo isn't the only goalie who would be considered the 'team leader'.

  • Marty Brodeur- If a goalie could be captain its probably a safe bet Brodeur would have been so named after Scott Stevens retired

  • Rick DiPietro- Is a locker room leader we're told, and obviously has job security on a team that has much turn over annually

  • Olie Kolzig- Until his free agent move to TB, was the defacto captain of the Capitals

We just implore those or any other team that is thinking of making a like move to the Canucks to NOT!


oilcanner said...

I aree its a stupid move. The league should tell them no to allowing Luongo to wear a letter on his uniform. Whats next, a team will name their mascot the captain?
They must know they're gonna suck to make this kind of dumb move?

blaine said...

You mean this isn't an early April fools joke? I thought we had aclown organization in Toronto.


1) Oil/Blaine: Apparently its no joke, At least its not an intentional joke, but we admit it IS funny! LOL

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