Friday, October 10, 2008

Luongo Gets His "C" Afterall?

1) In a continuation of the bizarre, we say just plain stupid', PR move by the Canucks Roberto Luongo will indeed be team captain. Now, as we mentioned last week, the league will NOT allow him to wear/act as 'The C', but the 'Nuck have found a way around this. Yes, Roberto will indeed wear the 'C' BUT instead of the meaningless letter stitched to his Canuck's uniform, the team's goalie will instead have a letter C placed/painted on his goalie mask.

2) When asked if the 'C' stood for Canucks or captain, Vancouver general manager Mike Gillis said: "It can stand for whatever he wants it to stand for." He sounded a bit defensive eh? As some have whimsically proposed we're sure Roberto will hear quite a bit of lip from opposition as to what the C really stands for. ; ) Anyone want to guess what Sean Avery will be saying when he 'meets' Luongo and his new C mask? LOL Now there's a time to have uncensored-hockey! In the mean time we reiterate what we wrote last week concerning captain-roberto. In simple language, its just dumb.

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Eric said...

If I were playing the Canucks and had a clear shot at Luongo, I would so aim for that C (and by proxy his neck).

-Eric from

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