Tuesday, January 15, 2008

Siamese Twins Separated?

1) What we at FAUXRUMORS2 are whimsically referring to is the omission of one of the Sedin twins from the All star team. What we at The FR Group, LLC have been asking ourselves since the 2 were first drafted has finally happened; Separation!

2) To review:

  • Both Twins were highly touted draft prospects in the 1999 NHL entry draft. Then GM (Now Anaheim GM) Brian Burke pulled off a draft day coop to get the additional draft pick so the 2 Sedins could stay together.

  • At the time we wondered what would happen IF only one of the players developed into an NHL talent. Would they demote one to the minors, and leave the other sibling 'alone'?

  • To date that has not happened as both have developed into their team's top forwards. Almost always playing together on the 'Twins Line'. Putting up similar overall numbers. Though Daniel is more the goal scorer to Henrik's 'play maker'. They make the same money, and negotiate their contracts mutually.

3) So it came as a bit of a shock when the NHL announced the All Star game 'add-ons' the other day and listed only ONE (Daniel) of the brothers. What is most puzzling is the fact that statistically (like the brothers) they look so similar. How one could be chosen over the other is a bit of a head-scratcher. Its as if the NHL flipped a coin to choose.

4) Additionally, you'd think having identical (and that applies here as even the Canuck coach after all this time can't tell them apart) twins in a game that's all about a show would want to add a nice feel good story line like this? Perhaps because they are not North American the NHL felt it wasn't worth it? If the league doesn't want to sell the Sedin act at the All-Star game, what do they want to sell? Only one Sedin? That's less than half the act. So, what's the point? If they don't have the roster spot for both, they shouldn't take either, right? Regardless, while we are certainly NOT Canuck fans it was a stupid over sight by the league to choose one and not the other. In essence they have been separated for the first time in their careers!


Loser Domi said...

Two words: Wondertwin powers. Only maybe lamer. Maybe that's 3 words, I dunno

Shmee said...

Maybe Daniel will cry? I would watch the All Star game for that.

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