Tuesday, February 5, 2008

Penner Deal Re-Visited

1) With 3/4 of an NHL season having been played since the infamous Dustin Penner offer sheet fiasco this past summer we figured we'd look at how things stack up so far.

2) To review for those who may not recall. Last summer RFA Ducks forward Dustin Penner won the lottery when Desperate Edmonton GM Kevin Lowe made him an offer he couldn't refuse (five-year, $21.25 million contract). Smartly the Ducks and Brian Burke refused to match the insane offer and decided to take the picks (4- 1st rounders)

3) At the time we and FR went on record saying the correct thing for the Ducks to do was to allow Penner to go to Edmonton who were in the midst of 'rebuilding' (euphemism for suck). As the posts from us state, we felt that at least 1 possibly more of the 1st round picks the Ducks would get from Edmonton could turn out to be 'lottery picks'. Thus enhancing the chances that the Ducks would get a blue chip prospect at the expense of the Oilers hasty decision. You can review our previous posts here and here

4) Though 55 games this season Dustin has 16 goals, 17 helpers for 33 points. Pretty much a duplicate of his season last year with Anaheim. He may yet blossom into the 1st line power forward that the Oilers thought they acquired/over paid for last summer, but thus far he's treading water on improvement. To be fair he isn't on as talented squad as last year, BUT he's getting oodles of quality ice time(PP/1st line duty) that he didn't get in large quantities a year ago.

5) Meanwhile, his team, the Edmonton Oilers through 55 games are 6 points from a playoff berth but also 8 points from LAST overall in the NHL! Currently they are 26th which if the season ended today would mean the Ducks would be in line to possibly acquire the 1st overall pick in the 2008 NHL Entry draft (Pending the lottery results they could be no worse than 5th) Not bad considering many of the s0-called experts are saying this is one of the deepest pools of talent to come along in many years. Too bad a team that is in desperate need of some won't have their own first round pick. The rebuilding(sucking) will therefore likely continue in Edmonton! (Perhaps resulting in even more lottery picks for the Ducks!) How does Lowe still have a job?


Shmee said...

How does Lowe still have a job?

No clue. If they were going to spend that kind of money, why do it on Dustin Penner? The worst offense in my mind is that they have set a precedent for this, and made the salary threshold for a player like Penner so high.


1) Its a double whammy. Over spending for 'Potential" then giving up what could possibly/likely be prime draft picks

Zulu as Kono said...

As you probably suspect I'm luvin that deal! Boss Burke should thank his old buddy for giving us a chance at the top pick. Dustin who?

oilcanner said...

There aint no guarentee any of those guys the ducks get from us will do anything.
I'll take an improving Penner over some snot nosed 18 year old kid who might never be any good.

oilcanner said...

In case anyone missed it we kicked the livig crap out of those shitheads from Calgary last night! Your whipping boy Penner had a goal! We are missing Horcroft, Souray and Torres.


1) Zulu: We figured you'd be happy with how this is going. We know you liked Penner. Don't lie. ; ) However so far its working out OK for your team
2) Oil: Very impressive/exciting/emotion filled game with your rivals last night. If edmonton played that way nightly they might have a shot at the post season.
3) That said, there is NO way you guys will be happy if you don't make the playoffs and the Ducks get a lottery type pick from you. This draft is supposed to be pretty dam good.

Jes GÅ‘lbez said...

How does Lowe still have a job?

Because he really knows how to 'suck'?

kelvin said...

Anaheim doesn't get four 1st rounders, they only get a 1st, 2nd and 3rd round pick from Edmonton.

DMG said...

I dunno oil, Penner isn't bad but I'd take what looks like it'd going to be a top five pick in each of the first three rounds over him. Especially if I were building for the future like Edmonton ought to be.


1) Kelvin: You are correct, and we appreciate you setting the record strait. We must have been recalling the potential Vanek compensation. In that case the 4 1st picks would have been awarded
2) In our opinion though this only mildly midigates what many are seeing as a poor decision by Edmonton

Jibblescribbits said...

You were thinking of Vanek.

And I called this an awful deal at the time, 3 draft choices for a 2nd line forward is a terrible trade, not to mention the contract offered. They could have traded for a comparable player, with better contract, for less than that.


1) Jibble: Of course you guys must be happy to see a fellow division foe make such a mistake! We agree even at that price it was too much to pay in terms of cash AND talent/draft choice compensation

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