Thursday, July 26, 2007

Penner Offer Sheet to Force Niedermayer Decision?

1) For those who hadn't yet heard, today Kevin Lowe is at it again. Tendering an offer sheet to Anaheim Ducks RFA, forward Dustin Penner. The offer sheet is a reported 5 year 21 mil contract. The cap hit would be about a little over 4 million.

2) If these numbers are accurate, it could possibly force the Ducks to get an answer NOW from on again off again retired defenseman Scott Niedermayer. Before this signing the Ducks cap liability WITH Scott was a little over 48 mil for next season. Obviously if Scott were to return it would force Brian Burke to either not match the offer for Penner or make another roster move(s) to get back under the 50.3 mil cap. That could be eased/prevented if Burke knew NOW what Niedermayer's intentions were, NOW!

3) As we have written before, Scott has had a great career,etc. However its time to either shit or get off the pot. What's gonna change between now and September? The team was good to you by letting you off the hook and allotting you time to decide this summer. Even though it put a great deal of pressure on the management to assemble next years team without knowing if you'd be there or not. Now its time for you to be a stand up guy and tell the Ducks what you intend to do, now!

4) As for the offer sheet itself, its lunacy. Sure Penner had a decent year with 29 goals, but the 25 year old power forward has only 1 year of NHL experience!! Mr. Lowe is NOT making any friends with his fellow GM's around the league. This simply raises the bar for like-players and forces teams into making premature decisions on giving young players long term deals to lock them up from offer sheets such as this before their potential is evident


Antzmarching said...

Faux, are you referring to BRETT Niedermayer or Scott FAVRE? I have no tolerance for primadonas who conduct themselves like this... As a professional, you have an obligation to your team, teammates, and fans - Hey Scottie, make a damn decision for the good of everyone involved...

Lowe is a piece of work... This is an amusing tactic he employs every two weeks... When will he tender an offer to Alexander Ovechkin? Fat Ted and Georgie McFly really need to step up negotiations...

FAUXRUMORS 2 said...

1) Hey all, just wanted to weigh in on this situation. This is what we're hearing right now. Brian Burke is VERY pissed! He may not show the full extent of his anger in public(expect to hear a toned down version), BUT our sources close to the Ducks tell us that they were stunned by this!
2) They felt that Lowe was either done with trying to lure a RFA or he would set his sites in Parise in NJ. They felt that Penner wouldn't be a target. Now privately they are saying that this move was intended to "screw with the Ducks payroll structure". It was more a petulant move than a strategic one.
3) They may make Lowe 'swing in the wind' for the full allowed 7 days before rendering a decision. If they match as FAUXRUMORS mentioned, they would probably either need a response from Neidermayer, or make some roster moves. If they decline to match they get a 1st, 2nd, and 3rd round pick from the Oilers. Not sure if al 3 are from the same year.
4) We have not been told which way they are leaning at the time we went to press. They are still in shock/pissed and its best NOT to make decisions when you're emotional. We'll relay more as it comes in.

Sauce said...

I think Burke hass got to let him walk. If not, he's got a player with one year of NHL experience as his highest paid forward. That can screw with a locker room real fast. Especially since Penner was more than willing to follow the money, not the team.
Bad karma. Burke gets 3 draft picks, all in the same year (Lowe got his original 3rd rounder back from the Isle's a few weeks ago, which was a prerequisite). It's a tough pill to swallow, but the 3 picks are like to spoonful of sugar.

Sauce said...

I forgot to mention. Burke's decision should also be based on the Ducks depth at center. Any deeper and they couldn't breathe!!!


1) We agree with Sauce's assessment that Burke needs to allow Penner to go. He would have preferred to retain him, but at that cost its prohibitive. After all as FAUXRUMORS2 mentions the 1st rounder could end up being a lottery pick, or at least be in the top 10 of a very deep 08 draft class.
2) We disagree with his Penner swipe that he 'followed the money and not the team'. How could one 'walk away' from a guaranteed 21 million dollars? Certainly not a guy who had just 1 NHL season and made just a tad more than the league minimum last year. If someone is stupid(Lowe) enough to offer an absurd sum, you HAVE to take it! An NHL career is just way too short not to!


1) In response to Antz and Ovechkin. Yes, the two camps need to get this done soon. The way inflation for mediocre players is going, the elite players will be receiving offers at the cap-max which is 10 for the upcoming season and probably more next
2) The sooner the Caps can get AO under a contract extension the better for all sides.
a) It eliminates a season-long distraction
b) Allows the caps to dictate the terms, not an offer sheet they'd have to match
c) Give their team apparent stability in the long term with their marquis player locked up long term.
3) In addition to Ovechkin there are other notable players who may need to be resigned PRIOR to next July. The Flames certainly don't want Dion Phaneuf to be dangling there next summer. They have more issues cap-wise than Washington and might be forced into dealing away a player or two to retain their star defender.

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