Thursday, February 7, 2008

Phaneuf Signed!

1) As most expected Dion Phaneuf has signed a lucrative extension with the Calgary Flames. Although the official details have not been released, most outlets are reporting that the deal is 6 years at 6.5 mil/per. That is very close to what our sources had been telling FAUXRUMORS.

2) To review as we reported a few days ago we expected a deal to be very shortly signed by the All Star Flame defensemen. At the time our well placed Flame source told us that, the third-year NHL-er in the final season of his entry-level contract, was looking to get a long term deal. The source told us initially that a deal in the 8 year 6.25 mil range was being discussed as well as other possibly longer or shorter terms that were on the table.

3) In the end both sides decided to settle on a slightly shorter term (6 years) for a tad more money(6.5) We're told a deal that would have kept the Edmonton native in a Flame uniform for a decade or more was proposed by the Phaneuf camp, but rejected by the Flames. Apparently Flames owner Harley Hotchkiss, a more hardline owner, did not want to be lumped with Snyder, Leonsis, and definitely not Wang, for whom he holds considerable contempt for initiating the concept of decade-long contracts!

4) The inportance of Dion to the success of the Flames aside, this deal will likely be the bench mark other soon to be free agent defensemen will have to use to guage what they can expect. Certainly no RFA defensemen will get more than Dion. It is possible though that a UFA rear guard with a tad more leverage/ability to get into a modest bidding war could get more. We'll have more on those folks as the season progresses.


DexTer said...

Wow 2 posts on a contract extension for the most over rated player in the league?
Maybe you don't see him play enough. We play those jerks 8 times a year and i will give you that Phaneuf has skill but he aint no scott stevens

jonobolona said...

Great job by Sutter to get Dion's deal done early. It was becoming a distraction I think. Also nice call faux on getting the figures pretty close.
I doubt though that Hotchkiss really cares what other owners do.
Anyways now lets get back to winning some games guys!

oilcanner said...

I am no fan of Phaneuf but i will give him my respect. I've met his dad paul a few times so i guess i do have a bit less hate than the average Oiler fan for him. I wouldn't say he's overrated, but he isn't quite yet all he will probably end up being. He is only 22. how many defensemen are even in the nhl playing regularly at this age?


1) Wow, looks like our friends from the west were up early today! LOL
2) Dex: Your sentiments are echoed by several we hear from regularly. We do see Dion play, but perhaps not as often to pick up on the subleties that you and some others allude to
3) That said what Oil writes is probably closer to the truth; That an 22 year old who plays defense, and gets the kind of ice time and has the kind of stats that Phaneuf has, has to have a great deal of talent.
4) He may or may not take cheap shots, but a lot of great players were known to do that. Hey you guys live in Edmonton. Recall a guy who wore #11 for your team?? LOL

DexTer said...

I wasn't sayin that phaneuf was no good. i said he's overrated. Now he's overpaid too. Good, i won't shed any tears when they have to give up a few players to stay under the cap

Jibblescribbits said...

I wasn't sayin that phaneuf was no good. i said he's overrated. Now he's overpaid too. Good, i won't shed any tears when they have to give up a few players to stay under the cap

Agreed. He's the second best Defenseman on Calgary (Rehgar {sp?} is the best)

I'm sure the new contract will fix the general "cowardness" he shows as well.

Shmee said...

Hmm, seems like the rumors about his ego in the lockeroom did not effect a deal at all.

vakfan said...

Well done Flames. 6.5/year for an young, elite defender who will very likely get better. For 6 years? Perfect. Look at how that guy plays, I don´t believe he will have all his bones where they belong when he turns 30...

PowerPuff said...

Hey there faux. Just wanted to let ya know that your blog stalker is at it again. Its kinda funny. Seems he can't post something with out you guys beig mentioned. In this case you guys are at the for front of his attack.
Guess he didn't like that you guys knew about the Phaneuf contract details that no one else did. LOL


1) Shmee: The contract probably means he'll be there long after Mr. Keenan is gone! ; )
2) Vak: Great point. Another reason why the Flames didn't want to extend the deal beyond the 6 years
3) Puff: The blog your referring to is meaningless to us. Others have e-mailed that to us. Its apparent that person is here reading our blog regularly, and probably more than a tad jealous of our success. No matter. We no longer care less what he says/does! He lives for that and we don't intend to feed into his mental illness

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