Monday, February 18, 2008

Eklund Losing Readers/Credibility?

1) Since we feel the truce that FAUXRUMORS and Eklund made last summer doesn't pertain to us, we felt it our duty to report that the biggest hockey rumour spreader known as Eklund is fast losing readers (money)

2) Some may recall that he came to prominence during the last NHL lockout. Apparently he had a source within the NHL who was using Eklund to throw out trial balloons. Later Eklund craftily parlayed this into a major business to sell his web site.

3) He actually had one agent who used him and the aforementioned league source, but the vast majority of the crap that he was 'selling' was stuff that he created out of this air. With his usefulness for the NHL over with, they no longer have been feeding him anything meaningful. Our source within the NHL tells us that Eklund was 'a useful idiot, but we don't tell him anything anymore'.

4) We have been told that many of the writers who signed up to write for the site have gone unpaid for their work for months. One told us that, "If things don't change soon you may see the site closed by the end of the year". We have no other independent confirmation that this is true. There are no longer many professional writers contributing to the site anyway. Instead he now uses amateurs (bloggers) to write articles for each team, for free.

5) Certainly it shouldn't cost too much to create rumours then mass-e-mail them and post them on a web site. What IS true is that many of the 'faithful' are getting restless. We are on friendly terms with many. We talk (using a non-faux screen name) often on how we are wondering how much this guy (Eklund) actually knows. Some who were previously regular contributors to his discussion board have abandoned him. Others who had the temerity to disagree with Eklund, actually making him accountable for the lies had their accounts eliminated. This totalitarian/thin skin style should be a clue as to the truthfulness of the nonsense being spewn.

6) If one were to try to unravel and write down all the conflicting and different trade rumours he's postulated this year it would take days! Yet with regard to the ONLY meaningful trade that has transpired this season (Ottawa-Carolina) he had ZIP! No discussion or hints until after the deal was done. By the way, last year he had poor Jason Allison signing with almost every team. (We're still waiting Ek!) LOL

7) As we have said time after time fans love to read about rumors. Hey its what we do as well!However if you're going to charge folks money to subscribe, to charge cash for 'insider status', to continually put out rumor after rumor and get NONE right, then the folks are going to lose their trust and move along. This is precisely what is happening with Eklund. Many other sites (ours included) give far overall better hockey discussion to go along with the occational rumour. Hockey fans are discerning folks. They know a con-man when they read/see it. It just took a bit longer in his case, but it appears the curtain has fallen, and the man manipulating the 'Wizard' has been unmasked!



1) Hey FR2: We respect your opinions and input to the blog. You are correct that we made no assurances to Eklund last summer about any future posts he might find offensive.
2) Since your post wasn't a "hit piece," but more informative, we have no problem/take no issue with it! As always guys, keep up the good work!

Antzmarching said...

WOW! This post is sure to open up a can of worms... Way to spice things up #2... I look forward to the fallout of this one...

DMG said...

Eklund lost credibility in my book when reported the Capitals were going to trade Ovechkin to Nashville about two days before he signed that 13 year extension.

FAUXRUMORS 2 said...

1) FR: Thanks guys! We figured you'd have no problem with this post. Yes, its only about facts!
2) Antz: We're not sure this will bring about any kind of reaction. Sure Eklund has minions and uses fake ID's of his own (he's been caught countless times on other blogs doing this), but we doubt he'll go down that road here. Its a loser either way for him.
3) DMG: yes, the Ovechkin silliness was but one of the MANY idiotic trade rumours that he has posted in just the past few months.
4) He uses the plausible deniability of there being 'discussions' and most discussions don't become trades. Fair enough, that's true, BUT when both parties deny there were discussions AFTER the fact then he loses ALL credibility. That has happened over and over!

HockeyNutz said...

This has to be the funnyest post you have ever come up with.

Eklnd has less credibility now? I'm on the floor laughing. This coming from you?

At least he has a track record of getting one trade in advance. What do you have to show for all this hype?


1) See that you're back to your old ways. Forgot to also use your Hawk persona as well. Or maybe you'll be back later? LOL
2) No matter, our regular readers know where we, FR2 and Antz are coming from.
3) We don't make any false claims, and most importantly do NOT, and will NEVER attempt to charge anyone to participate. Also as important, we allow disparaging comments (like yours) /disagreements to be published without editing. As long as the post is hockey related it stays! According to FR2 Eklund does not put up with dissent

JP said...

What are you guys hearing about any moves the hawks may make? We only have a long shot to get in. Will we try to move Havlat,Lang, Lapointe, Perreault? Will his knee injury prevent Khabibulin from being traded? Thanks guys. Love the site!


1) JP: thanks for the questions:
First the easy answers. We would be shocked if Lapointe and/or, Perreault were NOT traded.
2) Havlot is being offered we're told, but with another year on his deal and his injury past as well as the asking price its a 50:50 proposition. May be another trade that gets done at the June meetings.
3) Lang is more likely to be traded. The Hawks aren't asking much (draft pick(s), but he too has another year on his deal so its no a guarentee
4) Khabibulin's injury we're told isn't serious, BUT a GM looking to bolster for the stretch run would be wary about a possible damaged player so a physical would likely be an integral part of any deal. There are teams interested. Much like Havlot even if a deal isn't done now, its still possible, even likely by the draft

Duncan N. Komani said...

I bet Havlot comes over to us if we don't get FOPPA. Holmgren needs to do something. We've sucked the last few weeks.

Antzmarching said...

Havlat would be a great asset to any team, but doesn't he bring a high price tag? The Thrash are perhaps in the most interesting position/predicament... Sacrifice the present for the future? This is a team that could actually garner a third seed in the Conference... Trading Hossa would end that dream... I heard on one of the Center Ice channels the other night that Hossa has resigned himself to the fact that he is going elsewhere... Let's see how MY source pans out... LOL!

The "Good" Hossa is a wonderful talent, but his playoff production has been nonexistent... I certainly wouldn't mortgage the farm for his services...

And Nutz, its great to have you back - alive and well and ready to stir the pot...

Antzmarching said...

Jambo Duncan... You have one of the most interesting profiles I have ever read... Nakuru, Kenya - awesome! I have been there a couple of times... I pray for an end to the violence in your wonderful country... Kenya must get back to being the shining beacon of democracy in East Africa... UHURU, my friend!!!

Pucks on Broadway said...

And it begins! Haha. Good for you guys though, you are absolutely right. My only question is why a guy like Bill Clement, Darren Pang, etc. would be involved with him. If he is a complete phony, wouldn't they know it? Nonetheless, Ek has taken advantage of fan's need to know and used it as well to get himself press passes to games. It's like free season tickets!

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