Friday, February 1, 2008

The Next Big Deal?

1) Our sources as well as several published reports have been discussing the contract situation between Dion Phaneuf and Calgary. While some of the better known rumor paysites had earlier mentioned Dion in potential trade rumors, we hadn't heard any such rumblings from any reputable source. Anytime we'd ask about Dion's situaton we were told "they're working on it". Its the worst kept secret, but appears that the 'work' is just about complete.

2) Certainly its likely that it will be a done deal within a week or less. Its possible the announcement could be as soon as today. When pressed as to details of the forth coming deal we were told it will be 'big', and set the standard for any other pending free agent defensemen. There have been a few possible options of years and dollars. The most likely deal may be something in the range of 8 years 50 million(US). Although its still not out of the realm of possibility that a double digit length contract could be struck. Also a no trade/movement clause is likely to be a part of any deal. What is certain: Dion will be a Flame for a LONG time!


Jibblescribbits said...

As someone who is of the belief that he is HIGHLY overrated, and he's in the same division of my beloved Avs I can safely say I am happy to see this.

I hope his gigantic contract eats up their cap space while he provides his cowardly "grit" to that lineup for a long time. (And by cowardly grit I mean being super-tough, against the players who don't fight at all, but running against any kind of tough guy).

Hooks Orpik said...

Important to note: no player can have a no trade/no movement clause until they reach UFA age....Ovechkin, for example, will have a limited no trade clause in his deal but it won't be effective until he plays enough to wear he could be a UFA.

So if the Phaneuf deal is about 8 years, he won't have that clause in it for the first half of it.


1) Excellant point/observation Hooks!
2) Jibble: We get the impression you don't think much of Dion? LOL
His contract along with Kipper and JI will eat up quite a chunk of the Flame cap next season. Which is why the Tanguay rumors won't go away. Though we believe if he's traded it wouldn't be until the draft.

Jibblescribbits said...

Only what his fellow players think of him... overrated, and quite the rhymes with wussie

DMG said...

His fellow players think he's the hardest hitter in the NHL and he put up 37 goals his first two seasons - he can hit, plays great defense and has a lot of offensive skill and I wouldn't begrudge him for not fighting all that much since he's the most important player on that team not named "Jarome".

Shmee said...

Whatever you think of him, he has become the face of the Flames org, along with Iginla. He has a long career ahead of him.


Sorry there faux. i agree with Jibblescribbits. Phaneuf is good but is greatly over rated and a cheap shot artist!

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