Monday, February 25, 2008


1) In a stunning turn of events (especially in Philadelphia!) The Colorado Avalanche evidently won the 'Peter Forsberg sweepstakes'. Signing FOPPA for the remainder of the season. Our Sources tell FAUXRUMORS that Forsberg will earn $5 million, which prorated for the remainder of the season, comes out to approximately $1 million.(US) The deal also includes a no-movement clause. Not that this is important at this juncture of the season

2) While there were always subtle rumblings in the Forsberg camp that Colorado was a slim 2nd choice IF he returned, it has been almost universally known that Philadelphia was his main focus if he could return from his chronic foot issue. He had been in weekly contact (almost daily the last few weeks) with the Flyer organization. We had been told by our reliable Flyer source that Peter was either going to play in the city of Brotherly Love or no where this year. When we called that same source late this afternoon, he was needless to say flabbergasted by the turn of events. He tells us that to put it mildly "Flyer owner Ed Snider was none too pleased"!! More on that as the days proceed.

3) What is interesting is that the Flyers could use his services now more than ever. They are a team nose diving on the brink of going from division leader earlier last month to out of the playoff picture entirely. Its very possible one league source tells us that "Peter saw the writing on the wall" and didn't feel the Flyers were in a position to make a playoff run. With Sakic, Stastny, Smyth, etc and most of the Av's team again healthy the boys from Denver along with this addition could poise a serious threat to the upper echelon teams(Anaheim/Detroit/Calgary). Time will tell of course, but the biggest deadline deal apparently did not involve a trade after all. Another league source tell us that you can bet your boots that Cliff Fletcher is getting more than a call or two requesting (pleading) with him to convince Matts Sundin to change his mind!


DMG said...

In addition to the Flyers tanking, I think the fact that Gagne is done for the year probably swayed Foppa a bit.

FAUXRUMORS 2 said...

1) Hey Faux, our Nemesis is up to his old tricks again! He is reading and writing about our stuff!
2) I won't bore you with the details, but wanted to alert you to his remergence.

Dr. George Varga said...

I was getting very discouraged until I heard about this! We are so amazingly happy in the Varga household tonight! I can't wait to see Peter back where he belongs!

Duncan N. Komani said...

I no not the words to tell how I feel when I hear this news. I thought that Mr. Forsberg want to play only for our team? Why would he go out there? I know he once play there, but he seem happy here? Did he tell lies to the Flyers team? If so I wish him to play bad.

Hawk said...

And over at FuX's house of LAUGHTER (note I have put it in point form so he can figure it out too):

So you got the Comrie contract rumor right. Big deal!!

Even a stopped watch is right twice a day



1) Thanks for allowing readers to see what you're all about. You seem to come out of the wood work when we are doing well, so we'll take it as a positive that you're suddenly so vociferous!

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