Wednesday, February 13, 2008

A Deal: Finally! And Other News

1) Well there was finally a deal of consequence/substance yesterday. For any who may have missed it the Carolina Hurricanes and Ottawa Senators desperate to change their recent fortunes swapped forwards and defensemen. The specifics of the deal:

  • Carolina gets:Joe Corvo and Mike Eaves

  • Ottawa gets:Cory Stillman and Mike Commodore

2) The Senators take the biggest gamble for the long term here. Both players they traded for are set to become UFA's this summer. While Corvo has another 2 years left on his deal after this season and Eaves is a RFA. Will these deals improve their respective teams? In our opinion, no! We see that both teams weakened themselves to some degree, and at least didn't address their main needs down the stretch.

3) No rumour outlets had a whiff on this deal prior to its conception. Which should indicate the degree of silence that both camps took. We're told that neither GM wanted to get into a bidding war so they wanted to get this done quickly and quietly. Our Carolina source tells us this deal was first suggested by Murray in Ottawa around the All star break. Once Rutherford got the OK from ownership it was quickly consumated.

4) Several media outlets are confirming what we at FAUXRUMORS have been anticipating with regard to Henrik Lundqvist. The team reportedly signed the Swede to a 6 year 40 mil extension. This is much higher than what we anticipated last summer:( With King Hank set to become an RFA this summer Glen Sather had no choice but to give their team MVP what he asked for. It will be interesting to see how this affects the prospect of signing thier other free agents this summer. That could include Jaromir Jagr, and Sean Avery. If the salary cap goes up another 3-5 mil, it could ease those issues

5) According to our sources close to the Peter Forsberg situation, the Swedish center is ready to announce a decision on whether he will return to the NHL. If the foot is not yet up to snuff Peter may finally have to admit its time to retire. If he were to return the only team he has considered is the Flyers.


The Good Staal said...

I think the deal helps us a lot. Eaves gives us a good checking kinda forward. Joe Corvo finally gives us a power play quaterback we didn't have before. We would use 5 forwards and gave up too many shorties when we did. Last night I think the difference showed. Any word on any other deals Rutherford may be thinking of?

Mr. Spock said...

I love this trade! Commodore has won where ever he's played and Stillman might be on a cool streak, but gives us a solid second line player to help reuce the pressure on the Alfie line.

DMG said...

I think that the Senators are better for this season and the Canes are better for the next couple; I'd say it was a fair trade all the way round.

I have to admit that as a Capitals fan, I do think this will make it more likely the Caps will win the Southeast this season.


Shmee said...

I actually think that the Canes came out on the better side of this. Eaves and Corvo are talented young players.

Antzmarching said...

I believe this trade will inevitably be more beneficial to the Canes... As Schmee noted, Eaves and Corvo may have their best days ahead of them, while Stillman and Commodore have peaked already... However, I do not feel that the immediate impact will make Carolina a much better team... Carolina's achilles heel is their defense, which arguably, has gotten worse with this trade... Moreover, Stillman's leadership qualities and talent will most likely be a greater asset than Eaves' youth and grit at this point... Obviously, time will tell... But, one mustn't underestimate guys who have their names inscribed on the Cup, especially in a playoff drive...

DMG said...

Eaves, yes, but Corvo is already 30 so I don't know how much better he's going to get.

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