Friday, February 15, 2008

Deal Or No deal?

1) That is the VERY interesting question many teams/GM will very shortly be facing. Teams that are on the bubble playoff-wise, or may very well be solid playoff teams And/OR also possess a player(s) who are set to become an UFA after the season. If a deal looks unlikely before February 26th do the teams try to deal them to get something for their soon-to-be lost property, or do they retain their player in hopes he assists them in the post season?

2) With so many teams in the playoff race (with a mere 20 or so games remaining only 1 team is 10 or more points from a playoff spot -LA) Only 5 teams are greater than 5 points from the post season, and with the crazy SE division all teams are in the race for the title to 'The Weakest link' of the NHL. So its likely that at the deadline (a mere 10 days away) that many teams will be in this dilemma.

3) So whom are we talking about?

  • Matts Sundin:

  • Marion Hossa

  • Brian Campbell

  • Wade Redden

  • Dan Boyle

  • John-Michael Liles

  • Matt Norstrom

  • Pavol Demitra

  • Cristobal Huet

  • Miroslav Satan

  • Mike Comrie

  • Sean Avery

  • Ty Conklin

  • Barrett Jackman

  • Vaclav Prospal

  • Markus Naslund

4) These are probably some of the bigger names of the possible 2008 summer UFA class that are on teams that are either in the playoffs or have a legitimate shot at the post season. Almost all are vital to their current teams' success. The (multi) million dollar questions are:

  • Can we win without them?

  • Can we sign them after the season?

5) The official FAUXRUMORS position on this is:

  • IF you believe(truly believe, not just PR bullshit to keep fans coming to games) that your team can make the playoff, OR can have an impact in the playoffs then by all means retain ALL your teams vital assets and try not to overly tinker with your squad heading into the home stretch. You basiclly paid for the player for the year, why not get all your money's worth?

  • If you think that your team has a minimal chance at the post season OR if they get in they'll be dispatched quickly, then by all means get as much from the sucker GM's as you can to try to quickly rebuild from their mistakes. You may even get to get your player back over the summer.

6) A related news item. We have learned that Matts Sundin HAS already waived his NTC! We're told that earlier this week he met with new/interim GM Cliff Fletcher. Our source tells us that Matts asked for some very specific things in return for waiving the clause.

  • His decision would be kept unpublicized UNTIL a trade was made or about to be made public
  • He had the right to refuse any specific deal. He would first be told of the impending trade then have veto power over it.
  • He specified only 3 Western Conference teams he'd agree to go to and one Eastern team. We can tell you with certainty that Vancouver was one of the 3 west teams!


blaine said...

None of the local papers up here are reporting the Sundin decision that you guys reported here Friday. Either your full of shit or you have the scoop of the year.

The Dark Ranger said...

faux always has the facts! ha! truth be told, The Dark Ranger's opinion is that we've seen one of the major trades between Ottawa and Carolina - and there might be one more biggie, possibly Hossa as the GM's are meeting down south this week. We will see very little major trades this season and I betcha...Sundin, like a good captain, will go down with the ship. The off-season is a different story, though. All bets are off at that point...



1) Blaine: Guess we'll see is all we can say? Thanks for reading.
2) Dark: Thanks! You're correct that we may see several trades post GM meetings. Some already have the go ahead, and some are waiting until the last possible minute to see if their team is infact 'in it', or falls out of it
3) We preferred the old days when the deadline was in mid March! That along with no trade clauses and the salary cap is dampening the trade season!

Antzmarching said...

Actually boys, the truth lies somewhere in the middle of "full of shit" and "always has the facts." LOL!!!

Hawk said...

The REAL answer is simple:


I see this site is the same old bull.

Just more made up crap huh Fux?

HockeyNutz said...

Great indepth news there FuX! So if Sundin is traded it could be to one of 3 mystery Western Teams or One Mystery Eastern Team. Looks like FuX is trying to guarantee he will be right!

First there is the problem of the language in the post. FuX claims Sundin has "already waived his NTC". This is impossible. The process for waiving a NTC does not take place until a deal is reached. Perhaps Sundin has told Trader Cliff that he will waive it, but he would not actually have it waived until a deal was on the table. That may be semantics, but it is semantics that have been reported on reputable media sites covering the circus that is the Toronto Maple Leafs sell off!

Lets see...if Sundin isn't traded it will be because he vetoed the deal! If he is dealt it has to be an Eastern or Western team, there are no other choices! This is laughable! Talk about going out on a limb!


1)Get a life boy(s)! Long cold winter in Alberta got ya bored huh? LOL

Dr. George Varga said...

Kinda funny how the guy we Av's fans wanted to trade away is now our starting goalie. Like it or not he's been the better goalie the past few months.
He wasn't on your chart So what do we do with Theodore? Do we try to sign him or let him go for nothing?

Antzmarching said...

I know a team in DC that could use a goalie, even though Olie has been better the last two weeks... Godzilla is definitely NOT the future... So Doc, would like to have Alexander Semin? Let's negotiate - Theodore for Semin... I'll even throw in Matt Pettinger for you...

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