Monday, February 4, 2008

Monday Morning Rumor Round-Up

1) While many of you were busy losing your Super Bowl pools, we at FAUXRUMORS were busy burning up the phones/Internet to try to find out what is going on with regard to future hockey transactions. Firstly, and this should NOT be a huge surprise to anyone who follows the NHL. One of our more connected sources tells us to "not expect much major movement" between now and the deadline. That the fact that there are so few seller GM's combined with several teams feeling that last years deadline additions were mostly over-paid busts, that 'this could be the quietest deadline in recent memory.' That sources opinion aside, there are still quite a few interesting story lines that should make the next couple of weeks quite interesting.

2) This is some of what we are hearing:

  • Peter Forsberg: The Swedish forward is meeting with Flyer GM Paul Holmgren this week. They will discuss the possibility of a return to Philadelphia. We're told Peter is doing well so far with his foot, but it hasn't been 'NHL tested' yet so who knows. Its become clear though that despite other rumors of where Peter may go, IF Forsberg plays again in the NHL it would ONLY be for the Flyers. (Sorry Av's fans) If he does come back its definitly not for the money! He's definitly this years wild card. If it doens't cost much we guess it can't hurt Philly, but we'd maintain that defenseive depth would be their primary need, not another forward

  • Mats Sundin: Another Swede who could be headed elsewhere come the deadline. The big mystery; is Mats interested in leaving TO as a rental? He holds the cards with a 'no trade clause'. The Leafs are listening to offers, but as of yesterday Mats had yet to inform new/interim GM Clif Fletcher of his decison. One asst. GM told us thats its probably 70-30 that Mats is wearing a new uniform by months end. That (as we reported already) a move to western Canada is the most likely destination.

  • More Dumb Leaf Rumours- Really its redundant to say that. The media up in Canada's largest city have a lot of competition to feed the insatiable appetite of their readers with rumor fodder(mostly BS). The Gaborik to the Leafs rumors are total hogwash. (Our Minny source was laughing out loud on the phone when he heard that one!) Get over it Leaf fans, the Wild are not going to trade their best player for a package of Tucker/Blake, fill in the blank! A more plausable trade might involve Hal Gil or Raycroft, but do NOT expect a GM to try to land McCabe or Kaberle, Blake, etc. They simply have too much salary left on their deals. Also don't believe anything about the Antropov rumors. he's 27, and just entering his prime. IF he or the others meantioned here were to be dealt it would be part of a large complicated deal. One that would occur at the draft/summer, NOT a deadline deal!

3) Whats for certain, things should be getting very intersting over the next couple of weeks. We are currently working on a more comprehensive trade rumor post. In it we will go through ALL 30 teams. Listing at least one player from each team that may be elsewhere come February 27th!


Silas said...

Man you are so right about the papers up here. Seems we have a new guy being traded every day. I don't believe most of the guys who write this crap.
I think we need to make some changes but its gonna take more than a trade or two to get us going. Its a mess here

DexTer said...

We have been hearing the same Sundin rumors out here too. I think it would make a lot of sense. i don't want to give up a lot to get him. Maybe they would take a second level prospect and a 2nd round pick? I mean its just a rental. he's going to go back there after the season right?

jonobolona said...

i think Sundin would make a better fit with us. He would fit very well on to our 2nd line and I think we have a much better chance to win a Cup than the Canucks do.

Jintzie said...

No marleau trade rumors going on faux? I know he makes a lot of cash but he could probably get some interest out there. I would want something good back for him

The Dark Ranger said...

It is likely that Marek Malik will be traded by the time you finish you comprehensive trading post....

Good riddance to bad rubbish.



1) Silas: The Toronto papers are good for 2 things: A good laugh, and to collect pet waste We agree that its going to take a LOT more than one or two trades to change things in TO
2) Dexter/Jona: Mats will ONLY go where/IF he wants. Only he knows where. It doesn't matter who wants him or if Toronto has a good deal in place. If Mats doesn't like it, he stays. We have a feeling though that he will allow a trade, and one of your teams will be the 'winner'
3) Jintzie: Sorry, we haven't heard any recent Marleau rumors. Are you guys out there hoping he's dealt? We'd think he still might turn things around and be a good guy to have in the post season (Likewise Cheechoo)
4) Dark; Your Malik thought is very possible. Its amazing he made it through the weekend still a part of your team. That said, who'd want him? LOL

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