Wednesday, September 13, 2006

September 13th

1) Anson Carter- Well, it appears that Bobby Clarke threw a monkey wrench into the Canucks plan to bring back their forward. With the anticipated matching by Vancouver of the Flyers offer sheet for Kesler, it will leave the Canucks with virtually no cap space to sign Carter. This will certainly reignite the Carter to Detroit or Toronto, rumors that were so hot last week. Ironically, the Flyers may now also be in the Carter sweep stakes.
Mike Dunham- As predicted by FAUXRUMORS last week, the NY born perennial back up will likely be invited to Islanders training camp and be DiPietro's under study this season.
Victor Kozlov- When a well placed source told FAUXRUMORS last week that Kozlov would be settling for the worst team in the East we assumed he was talking about the Washington Crapitols. Apparently they meant the Islanders, who announced they found their replacement for underachieving Russian Kvasha, with the underachieving Russian Kozlov. No word yet if the # 12 will be assigned.
Brian Leetch- It appears that a deadline may be looming for Leetch "to either shit or get off the pot", as one well placed source tells FAUXRUMORS he was told by NY GM Glen Sather. The apparent stumbling block remains Mrs Leetch. No word if she prefers Ottawa winters to NY's?
Eric Daze- I'm sure our Montreal readers would love to hear about an impending Daze signing to the Habs. We're told he's in as good a shape as he's been in for 5 years. No apparent pain. However, at this stage, he'd have to settle on a 1 year deal at a little over the league minimum.
Brian Gionta- Talks continue. Brian is paying for insurance to come to camp which shows that talks are going well. As before we're told that he is willing to accept slightly less money for more years. We're told a one year deal is possible if no further movement is seen. Our prediction still is Brian will be in the Devils lineup in October for about 3 mil.

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