Wednesday, September 6, 2006

The Latest!

Brian Leetch- As has been reported here for much of the past month, he has an offer from a New York area team. Published reports have mentioned the Rangers. Money/lenth is NOT the hold up. Apparently Mrs Leetch isn't sure she wants to return to NY.

Brian Gionta- Talks continue. Brian is willing to accept slightly less for more years, but Lou isn't sure if what we saw last year will continue. We're told a one year deal is possible if no further movement is seen. Neither side wants a hold out. Our prediction is Brian will be in the Devils lineup in October for 3 mil.

Simon Gagne- Published reports today indicate a stalemate between the sides. FAUXRUMORS has learned throughout the years to NOT believe anything Bobby, call me Bob Clarke says publicly. If he says one thing, its likely the other. Which means a deal is imminent. What is unlikely is a trade.

Anson Carter- The rumor-whore(Eklund) is spouting a Detroit destination, while we are hearing a return to Vancouver is very possible. Nothing imminent though

Rick Dipietro- As reported here exclusively(Later picked up by the Rumor-whore) is that Ricky will soon be inked to a long term, lucrative deal. More details soon forthcoming.

Ryan Miller- See above. though the financial terms for Ryan will be a bit more conservative than what Ricky will get on the Island.

Victor Kozlov- A bit of an enigma. Has talent to be top 6 forward, but too inconsistent. Last rumor had caps interested, but why?

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