Monday, September 18, 2006

The Johnson/Zherdev Issues

1) There has been plenty of non sensible/made up crap written by many of the more notable blogs/mainstream press concerning these
2. There has even been a rumor that one would be traded for the other.To clarify for some: Nikolai Zherdev was the Bluejackets 1st pick(4th overall in 2003. Currently he's a RFA holding out for more money, and threatening to stay in Russia. Columbus GM McLean has repeatedly stated that he doesn't intend to trade Zherdev.Jack Johnson was the Hurricanes 1st selection(3rd overall) in 2005. Many have projected him as a Chelios/Pronger type of all around top 2 defensemen that any team would love to have on its roster. Apparently Johnson has decided to stay in Michigan another season which has annoyed Carolina GM Jim Rutherford, leading to the current trade speculation.
3) FAUXRUMORS has done homework on both issues. Calling our contacts throughout the league. What we're hearing is that McLean IS making Zherdev available, BUT right now the asking price is so prohibitive that its unlikely a team will bite.Additionally, even if his rights are traded they'll still have to deal with getting him signed. Right now most teams have their payrolls about where they want them, and taking on additional salary isn't in the plans of too many teams. Several simply can't even if they wanted to.
4) As for Johnson, our Carolina source tells us that while its true that Rutherford WAS upset at Johnson's decision to stay in school another year, he has not recently been actively shopping the blue line prospect.He did make it known this past June that he'd entertain offers, but never received anything worth while during the draft weekend, and then decided that it would be best to retain his rights and hope he plays next fall.Being that they are the defending champs Ruthrerford has Zero pressure to do anything, so why trade away one of the best defensive prospects?If we do hear anything specific, and CREDIBLE we will ofcourse relay the information to you, our loyal readers.
As always, keep it here for the latest.P.S. The mail coming in, in response to our last post, has been overwhelming, and 95% positive. We here at FAUXRUMORS want to thank each and every one of you who have sent in your support!

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