Monday, September 18, 2006

Intimidadted? Never!!

We never expected this kind of (over) reaction to our yet-to-be released piece on 'outing Eklund'.
Since we first mentioned here that we were working on a block buster of a story to not only name who this person(s) is/are, but to name names and tell folks who is backing him/them, we have received numerous hate notes both here and to our e-mail address.
Some are the standard nut jobs that you find any time you have an opinion that might be a bit controversial, but more recent ones have a more intimidating/menacing/threatening tone to them.
Most alarming is that some how they have even been able to get a hold of the FAUXRUMORS phone number and address. At first we would get an inordinate number of hangups. Then we started to get direct 'hatecalls', telling us that "it wouldn't be in our best interest to publish our Eklund story".
We took these threats seriously, and local authorities have also begun to get involved.We have a pretty good idea of their motivation here. The information we have received on this subject so far is amazing. We can understand why some might not want it to see the light of day.
Our loyal readers can be rest assured that we will NOT be intimidated by these veiled and direct threats! We are continuing our research into this important story.
When it is completed it WILL be published EXCLUSIVELY here for free, for all to see first hand on FAUXRUMORS.Thankyou for all the support we have received on this matter. The positive mail has far exceeded the hate mail.
As always, keep it here!

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