Sunday, September 10, 2006

Here and There

FAUXRUMORS is pleased to announce a very ambitious schedule this fall. Pending final approval, and ironing out the logistics, we intend to visit each and every NHL city before the end of calendar year 2006.

Thats a significant under taking that will require quite a bit of travel and planning, but we are excited at the prospect of meeting in person some of our many sources, as well as our ever increasing legion of loyal readers.

After each visit we will detail our travels here exclusively for FAUXRUMORS readers.If you are going to be at a game that FAUXRUMORS will be attending, be sure to let us know in advance so we can do some tailgating prior to the game.

We would also love to get each city's fans advice on where to go for food and drinks while in town.Stay tuned to FAUXRUMORS in the up coming weeks to see where we will be on our 3 month journey around the NHL's 30 cities.

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