Thursday, September 14, 2006

DiPietro Deal Not so Dippy?

OK, on first blush we at FAUXRUMORS were as astonished by the 15 year DiPietro deal as almost all others. We were told to expect a long term deal, as much as 10 years, but never in our wildest dreams did we see this coming.
Like all others we also thought what is this guy (Wang) thinking? Is he nuts?Well, he probably is based upon other moves and statements he's made over the years, but is this particular move really all that bad?
The key will be how well DiPietro plays. If he's merely a mediocre goalie over the next 3-5 years, then this deal will be considered a huge bust. However, even if that should occur there is an out for Wang.That is, if he's willing to eat some of that money to buy some cap space.
Hear us out here: Lets say DiPietro sucks toast in 4 years. Well, all Wang has to do is ship him off to the AHL to ride busses and the Isles are saved his 4.5 mil on the cap.(Wang still has to pay him)If Ricky decides he doesn't want to ride the busses, or retire, then both the Isles and Wang are off the hook.
However, if DiPietro should finally develop into a top 5 goalie then this deal is a brilliant piece of work. Renegotiation is NOT allowed! Lets say that in 5 years Ricky is a Vezina trophy winner, he could very well be in the bottom half of salaries paid to goalies with no recourse to change this.
If after another 5 years DiPietro begins to wane, they still have the AHL option available. Therefore, this contract is only a gamble in as much as Wang is willing to eat the contract should it not work out.
Definitely not as 'Dippy' as many are making it out to be.

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