Monday, September 25, 2006

What Lou Will Do

1) With all the rabid speculation running wild among the usual rumor mongers out there, we here at FAUXRUMORS did our home work to try to find out exactly what the devils plan to do about their anticipated salary cap situation.
2) To that end we sent some of our best, most reliable people into 'hell' if you will, to find out what Lou plans to do with the Devils
3) We also had to have our mole in the NHL NYC office give us the scoop on how the Mogilny/Malakhov situations would shake out. The rest is what we have found out, and what we expect to happen as a result:
4) For one its almost a slam dunk that Mogilny will be deemed ineligible due to injury. Meaning his salary will NOT count. Malakhov is another story. He won't be allowed to be swepped under the rug.
5) We're hearing that the Devils could trade his rights to a Western Conference team that has cap space for a 1st rounder. The team getting Malakhov won't really have to pay him, only loses space to sign other players this season. By doing this Lamarello will avoid having to trade any of his star players
6) We're told this should all be done before the weekend is out Reemeber to keep it here for the latest!

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