Tuesday, September 12, 2006

Faux. Dead-On!

Just a quick post to pat ourselves on our backs this morning. Apparently 2 of FAUXRUMORS most recent rumors have been proved true.
Firstly, even with the entire media, and several of the more notable rumor sites having the Flyers Gagne situation all but at a stale mate, we predicted that it would soon be resolved. Bob Clarke is the most untrustworthy GM in the game. Hint: Take whatever he says and assume the exact opposite
Next, many yesterday, including the rumor-whore(Eklund) had DiPietro barred from Islander training camp, and Biron traded from Buffalo to be their starter. Today we hear that what FAUXRUMORS has been saying all along appears to be correct. Apparently Wang and DiPietro's agent are working on a 10-15 year deal. No other media outlet except FAUXRUMORS had mentioned this as a possibility.
As always keep it here for the latest and most reliable hockey rumors!

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