Wednesday, April 30, 2008

Yellow Journalism in Avery Case?

1) Clicking on the above headline will link to the NY Daily News' original article where they describe Avery as "unconscious and not breathing.... in cardiac arrest". The article then goes right into a litany of past off ice Avery incidents, (as if they are linked) such as how the Daily News revealed how Avery's name and private cell were in a data base of a huge Manhattan prostitution ring. They also mention a sentence after they said Avery was in cardiac arrest that he 'lives in Manhattan' and 'is known for dating celebrities'.... yadda yadda yadda.

2) OK, can we be plane here? What the Daily News was attempting to do was somehow link Avery's penchant for enjoying himself like other athletes/wealthy young people do, with his hospitalization. Subtly perhaps, without saying it directly, that his life style (see drugs!) were the cause of this. All this without knowing the real story behind his late night hospitalization. It now appears that Avery was driven, not taken by ambulance.He walked in conscious, NOT in any grave danger. The News published their original story without checking and double checking their facts. Doesn't this sound like what the mainstream press likes to say we bloggers are guilty of? That we don't have editors to check us before we write, etc.

3) Here we have a clear case of yellow/incompetent writing masquerading as journalism. The Daily News should immediately fire McShane and sanction Dellapina severely for this aspersion of Avery. Make no mistake, we are NOT Avery/Ranger fans. Far from it, but we absolutely hate it when the press tries to link, or make up facts to fit their story line. Here its: Avery is party boy so his problem must be linked to that. Hey assholes, he's also a professional hockey player. They have been known to have such injuries. Collectively we'd take the word from a good blogger over most hockey journalists any day. This is just a prime example why, and why newspaper circulation is plummeting. If we were Avery, we'd sue the News, as we feel this was bordering on, if not actual slander! Shame on the Daily News!


The Dark Ranger said...

This is why The Daily News costs a nickel a day. They should pay us to read their garbage. Everyone on the Island reads it....again, this is the paper that felt Ryan Hollweg instigated Chris Simon into hitting him in the head last season.

Antzmarching said...

Faux, WHY would you be surprised? We're taking about the NY Daily News, a clown publication... They get everything else wrong, why would you assume they would do a credible job in this instance? Libel a guy who suffers a career threatening injury - real classy newspaper... The dinosaur media needs to die out anyway, and its garbage like this that will expedite its demise...


1) It appears that The News doesn't learn from its mistakes, but is compounding them. See our new blog entry above!
2) We agree Antz, this is yet another reason why the mainstream press is dying.

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