Thursday, April 10, 2008

Big Trouble Already?

1) Yes, its but a mere 1 game into a playoff series but if Game 1 is any indication we may have more than a few very short series on our hands.

  • Pittsburgh manhandles the injury depleted Senators in Game 1. The Sens were in virtual free fall since the All star break. They fired their coach and barely(by 1 point) made the playoffs. Mainly because of their incredible start. Now they have lost several key players. Alfredsson, Fisher, and possibly now Volchenkov. Even if Volchenkov returns it still doesn't bode well for the Sens to make a big turn around. The Eastern Ontario team looks defeated already. Gerber actually played well, but the rest of the team didn't. If the Sens win a game it appears that will be the upset in this series! No heart!

  • Rangers-Devils was supposed to be a long/close series, but if the first game was an indication of how things are going to go, the Devils may be golfing by next week this time. When a team that has trouble scoring doesn't have the best goalie on the ice they will NEVER win, period. Lundqvist outplayed Brodeur. There is NO home ice for the Devils. Despite a new, state of the art building, and being a top team the Devils played before a mere 88% capacity. Ranger fans probably were minimally 25% of last night's crowd. Unlikely Devil fans will be able to do the same on the other side of the Hudson. If NJ doesn't stem the tide Friday, that could be "The Rocks" last hockey game until October!

  • San Jose were supposed to be the better of the two teams, but like some wrote on our blog, the Flames were built for the playoffs and it certainly appeared that way last night. The Flames seemed to frustrate the Sharks. Not until the last frantic 2 minutes did the Sharks start to look like the team we saw all season. If they don't reestablish that the Flames could upset the highly favoured Sharks in a short series. One that coach Ron Wilson would NOT survive!

2) Now, its WAY too early to make any firm conclusions, but NHL playoffs usually demonstrate early and consistent trends. These 3 teams need to quickly break the trends established so far else these series won't go beyond next week.


HockeyNutz said...

The boys did a nice job on the Sharks. They can't handle our controlled agression

Does anyone else think that the Flames have the cutest team? They are yummy!

chompsey said...

The Devils came out a bit flat I think. Marty wasn't at his best. A lot of teams lose game 1 and still win a series. I'll be worried only if we lose tomorrow. I trust in Brodeur.
By the way our attendence was way up from last year. A lot of Ranjerks fans show up but it wasn't no 25%

DMG said...

Speaking of "big trouble already", Anaheim looked really bad against Dallas last night.


1) Nutz: Nice to see you back and not being a pest. However, we believe that the Sharks will be able to rebound.
2) Chomp: The devils need to prove they can score. Nothing they did in game 1 makes us believe differently
3) Good point DMG. Too late for a Stanley Cup hangover anymore! For their sake its only a 1 game abberation.
4) Much like SJ redeemed themselves in a big way last night, we can see the Ducks doing the same this weekend

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