Thursday, April 3, 2008

Horse's Ass Award?

1) So what GM is in the running for this season's "Horses Ass Award?

  • Bryan Murray- Is our choice to receive this years award. If one were to look in Webster's dictionary for the word "Underachiever" you'd see Mr. Murray's visage. He has coached for what seems 30 years and is still waiting to win a Cup. Before the season he gave Emory an absurd contract and apparently felt that his goaltending tandem was OK going into the season. Somehow when the goaltending invariably started to blow he felt he needed to fire his head coach with 20 games left. Since that inane move, the Sens have gone from mediocre to down right dreadful. Barely clinging to the hopes of a playoff spot where many in Canada's capital had the parade route mapped out with their hot start.

  • Don Waddell- His patheticness is only matched by the stupidity of the teams owner, Bruce Levenson who has given his supremely inept gm/coach a vote of confidence. Sorry Atlanta, you're gonna suck next year even worse than this! There are just far too many holes in this roster and far too little has been done to fill them. If you are holding out hopes for the draft, don't. Waddells record at the draft table has been down right awful. When he has managed to draft a good player he tends to make bad trades (Zhitnik for Braydon Coburn )

  • Darcy Regier- He follows up the loss of Briere/Drury (for nothing) with having to give Vanek an absurd amount of money (see Kevin Lowe). Then for the kicker, he doesn't get his best defensemen (Campbell) signed before the trade deadline. He trades him to the Sharks. The Sharks have literally not lost since, and the Sabres will probably miss the post season entirely. Largely because of the loss of Campbell. Nice job Darcy!

  • Kevin Lowe- His problems were largely from last spring/summer when he tried to unsuccessfully land RFA Thomas Vanek (See Regier) then landing RFA Dustin Penner who has had a decent season, but undeserving of 4 million. This after he lost Captain Canada Ryan Smyth over a difference of $100,000. The Oil to their credit did improve the second half, but can Lowe be trusted to not screw things up this summer?

  • Jay Feaster- His team just sucks, but outside of this almost anyone around hockey,(apparently other than Jay) knew that his team was tuning out loud mouth coach John Tortorella. Most, including us at FAUXRUMORS predicted that the team would rebel/not listen to him. It got even worse than even we imagined, and the proof is in the standings where no team is worse on the road, and only the Kings have fewer points. Feaster, instead of trying to improve his team's biggest issue his goaltending, went out and gave a huge contract to Dan Doyle. Guaranteeing the Lightning will continue to suffocate cap-wise and not upgrade the most important position/biggest weakness.


POOOH said...

I visit this blog every day. It make me laugh. You think my team here in Tenn can win, no?


1) Thanks pooh. Glad we can put a smile on your face. The Preds are still in a battle to make the playoffs, but their schedule is easier than the teams they are fighting. Hope you come back often! : )

Hooks Orpik said...

The rest are clearly incompetant but I don't agree with the inclusion of Feaster. Tampa's been $10 million under the salary cap since they're going through owenrship change and the uncertainty there.

So his hands are tied a little with his team's budget, not the salary cap that's holding TB back.

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